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  • kvrunskvruns member
    That's awesome @tvh1982 I had to pull out of an 8k race because my knee hurt and then my 5k was rained out so I still haven't run a race. No way I would be winning a prize though!
  • kvrunskvruns member
    How did it go  last night @camcbeth
  • @kvruns It's like they know when we really want them to do it themselves that they just won't. But others time we are surprised when they actually do put themselves to sleep. 
  • kvrunskvruns member
    agreed @ladybug2821  that's totally it!  I was fine with just saying F it we're starting the day now and alas I had to wake his soggy butt up for day care
  • @kvruns I love the phrase "soggy butt". I may just steal it.
  • S definitely picks and chooses when she wants to put herself to sleep. Recently her pacifier has been finding its way onto the floor out of the crib. I'm not sure if it's falling out with all her moving especially since she likes to lay so close to the side or if she's throwing it out. But I do find that she cries harder when this is the case even though I know she can put herself to sleep without it. I'm wondering if I should put more pacifiers in the crib or do sleep training without the paci.
  • @Ladybug2821 I laughed really hard one day when I visited my cousin's house and saw a pile of about 20 pacifiers in the crib. :D  But now I understand. LO ends up pushing his out over here too. 
  • @Ladybug2821 Both of my kids go to sleep surrounded by pacifiers. Like, at least 6. lol
  • I attached the pacifier to her clothes. Its probably not safe.
  • leighryleighry member
    @camcbeth with my 2nd I attached her paci to her onesie at bedtime. She lived  ;)
  • :| camcbeth said:
    I attached the pacifier to her clothes. Its probably not safe.
    I do this also but it has still managed to end up on the floor somehow  :|.
  • Ladybug2821Ladybug2821 member
    edited May 2017
    Speaking of the clip, she's currently has it in her hand which means she will probably wake up more than once tonight  :s.  I think I need to find one that has better staying power. 
  • jsmaijsmai member
    @Ladybug2821 What did you do to sleep train for the motn wakings?
  • jsmai said:
    @Ladybug2821 What did you do to sleep train for the motn wakings?
    We are down to one MOTN waking. She actively nurses so I'm going to keep it for now. She doesn't nurse to sleep so when she is finished I do a shortened version of our routine. I burp her, rock her as I sing rock-a-bye baby, say "I love you, good night", kiss her, then lay her down.  
  • We we are also finally down from 3 to 1 wake ups for food. I give her a bottle when she starts stirring and she usually has her eyes closed. Then I put her back down asleep.
  • My oldest has had major sleep regression issues ever since DS was born. Every night I have to lay in bed with her until she falls asleep. For a long time she would find her way to our bed at 2am to finish sleeping the rest of the night even though DS has been in his own room since 6 weeks.
    Well recently we noticed that she isn't coming to our room and if she does wake up she just wants someone to come to her room until she falls asleep again. And last night she put herself to sleep all by herself without me having to lay next to her for the first time in what must be 5 months! She needed the door wide open and a glow stick, and she stayed awake talking to herself until 10pm but I'm calling it a win! I just hope the trend continues. Fingers crossed !
    That is fantastic! I know the feeling because our oldest who is 4 years old does the same thing. Most nights she sleeps on a lala-Lounger pillow on the floor in our room. It's rare that she sleeps in her own bed. The baby just started to sleep in her crib in her own room, but ODD will still sleep in our room. I can count on one hand where she's slept in her room since S was born. Yeah for sleep wins!
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