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Why my pregnant self is crying 3/30

What has the waterworks flowing this week?!

Re: Why my pregnant self is crying 3/30

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  • I second what @KirstinH88 said about the love tits

    Also....my cry sesh is because I'm done. My feet hurt. My legs hurt. I hate trying to get out of bed. I don't want to go to work and have everyone say "ohh so when are u gonna take off" I'm done with my mother and my MIL being annoying. So yah, basically...I want to be done now. 

  • Driving to a doctor's appointment I heard a piece on the radio about a Syrian refugee and how the boat she was on capsized, her fiancé died, and people gradually started handing her their babies in the water as they died. I would have cried anyway, but driving while bawling was probably not safe.

    Then back at home I saw a video about extraordinary acts of sportsmanship. Again, ugly tears. I normally wear my heart on my sleeve, but this is excessive and I'm glad I didn't put any makeup on today I guess!
  • Apparently all of the reasons my pregnant self was crying wound up with me receiving a prescription for Zoloft before being discharged. I'm a little puzzled, but going to trust that my doctor knows what she is doing ?  :/
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