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We keep going back and forth on the order of the names. I want to incorporate Thomas in honor of my grandpa, whom I miss every day. Alexander is just a name we both like. (My husband has an uncommon name, and is set on giving a common name to our baby.) If we go with Alexander, we will call him Alex. If we go with Thomas, we will call him Tommy. Nicknames are subject to change as he gets older, depending on what baby likes. 

Baby Boy Name 78 votes

Alexander Thomas
43% 34 votes
Thomas Alexander
56% 44 votes

Re: Baby Boy Name

  • I voted Thomas. Both are common/normal names so no worries there but I don't know any little Tommys running around anymore and there are alotnof Alex's.
  • They are both great, but I voted Thomas (it's my nephews name so I'm a bit biased)
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  • I love both names but Thomas Alexander flows better to me.
  • Thomas Alexander has better flow, feels less common and honors your grandfather in a more obvious way. 

  • I like Thomas Alexander better

  • Thomas Alexander flows better imo. DH is Thomas, so I'm also bias. 
  • I like Alexander Thomas much better. Alex is much better than Tommy to me.
  • I chose Alexander Thomas because I like the name Alex better as well. 
  • I voted Thomas for a first name. Although I dislike the NN Tommy and prefer Tom. But you're right, with both names baby will eventually get to choose what he is called. 
  • Another vote for Thomas Alexander. I think Tommy is super cute!
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  • Another for Thomas Alexander. What does your LN start with?
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  • Another for Thomas Alexander. What does your LN start with?
    His won't be the exact same as mine, since I hyphenated and only use my husband's name on legal documents. Baby's last name will start with Y. 

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