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Freezer Meals

Hi Mama's!
Thought I'd start a thread of freezer meal recipes. These are recipes that are totally prepped in advance and frozen so on the day of,  you take them out of the freezer, thaw, and throw in the crock pot or oven.  Since we will all have our hands full in about 4 months, I thought it would be a good resource to share some recipes so we can start prepping for when baby arrives!

Share recipes that you've tried... hopefully if this is successful, we all have a little cookbook of meals that we can prep now, and enjoy after our LO arrives!

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Re: Freezer Meals

  • Soups are my favorite freezer meal because I usually make enough for a potluck, forgetting that we are a family of 2. A good, hearty chili freezes and reheats very well, but even a chowder will hold up so long as the potatoes weren't falling apart to begin with. 
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  • LSP87LSP87 member
    I love this one:
    I prep everything and then freeze it in a tin. I usually take it out in the morning and put it in the fridge to thaw but can also be cooked frozen in about 1.5-2 hours.
  • Love this idea! Never made a freezer meal, but really want to now. Now to find a freezer meal without many veggies. DH refuses to eat veggies until he has a kid. His time is coming…
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  • This is a crockpot recipe but it makes so much, we always freeze it and reheating tastes just as good.
    Three ingredient shredded chicken:
    1 envelope taco seasoning
    16oz salsa
    4 chicken breasts
    Put all in the crockpot, High 4hrs OR Low 6-8hrs 
    When done, shred it-works great in tortillas as taco filling.
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    This one easily feeds 8.  I usually cook half and then freeze the other half.  It is fabulous!
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  • Bumping this to remind everyone to post any meal ideas! Thanks to all who already posted... I can't wait to start prepping these!

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  • LSP87LSP87 member
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    Easy Chicken Enchiladas (creamy, no red sauce)

    This one was great. It feeds a lot so next time, I plan on getting smaller tins and dividing the portions. Reheating in the microwave after baking makes it soggy, just FYI.

    *edited to clarify*
  • veemhveemh member
    This girl has a ton of great freezer meal ideas:

    I've tried almost all of them. I keep the taquitos and breakfast burritos stocked in my freezer at all times. The mac and cheese is delicious and I also love the beef and broccoli and southwestern chicken and rice bake!
  • My friend is a food blogger/recipe developer and posted these:

    Freezer Breakfast Burritos
  • I made these garlic butter chicken and potatoes this weekend and it was really easy and delicious. I bet you could prep this and freeze it (minus the melted butter), and just add the melted butter when you are ready to stick everything in the crockpot.

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  • I love making meals at night (like tarot toy hotdish or lasagna), using the 8x8 and make one for that night and one to freeze. I need to get back into this habit. Also breakfast sandwiches are great to make and freeze. 
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  • Not a freezer meal, but DS is dealing with constipation and I found this yummy, easy oatmeal raisin muffin recipe last night.

    Because I am lazy and love when the shopping list is already there for you also! 

  • Our go to which lasts FOREVER, even if not in the freezer (I think bec of the vinegar) is Filipino Chicken Adobo, add it on top of brown or white steam rice.  My grandma and mom would make this for our family roadtrips and I remember going to Washington DC stopping in North Carolina, eating this even hours not being in the fridge.  It's the vinegar properties...

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  • kvh22kvh22 member
    Thought I would resurrect this thread: I just made a batch of lactation cookies (makes 40) - froze half the dough in balls and will put into a ziploc freezer bag once they're ready, baked the other half and put them in the freezer to just defrost a few at a time post-baby. Most recipes looked the same with flaxseed, oats, and brewer's yeast as the key ingredients that are different than normal cookies. I tried one of the cooked cookies and thought it was pretty good (essentially a puffy oatmeal cookie). Next time I might decrease the sugar a little and increase the brewer's yeast per the notes at the bottom as I think the recipe can handle it - you couldn't taste the brewer's yeast at all which was good.

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  • JDBtwinmamaJDBtwinmama member
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    In my freezer I have:
    20 homemade burritos
    mac and cheese for the kiddos
    50 meatballs
    a premade ziti 
    and lots and lots of marinated meat

    everything is homemade, but I'm starting to stress it's not enough.    Must be nesting!
  • @JDBtwinmama I can't figure out what's enough! I figure it can never be too much. Right now I have:

    •Chicken Tettrazini
    •Gordon Ramsey's Shepherd Pie
    •Grown Up Tuna Noodle Casserole
    •Pioneer Woman Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches
    •Peanut butter energy balls

    (Store bought)
    Stouffers Lasagna
    Digiorno pizzas

    I might do some frozen breakfast burritos but we normally just eat cereal so I don't know if those would even help.
  • I've frozen 2 meatloafs, 2 pans of mac & cheese, and another pasta casserole. Planing on making 2 chicken pot pies next weekend. Perhaps 2 more meals and then I'll settle down.

    @kvh22 Thabks for posting a lactation cookie recipe! I've been looking for a good one that will likely taste yummy. 
  • kvh22kvh22 member
    @mrsmatt1212 oo Shepard's pie is a good idea! It's been too hot to make chili but it's on my list. My plan is to make a double batch and freeze it when we make it for dinner.
    @JDBtwinmama I agree with @mrsmatt1212 - no clue what's enough but we don't have any family nearby to bring us food so I have a feeling I won't be able to make "too much" before we exhaust the space in our freezer. I'm just making sure I write how long it's good for (some recipes say 3 months, some say 1 and I'm waiting longer to make those).

    DH and I are making breakfast burritos every Saturday until I deliver - 2 for us to eat, 6 for us to freeze. These can just be microwaved 2-3 minutes and will go fast for us but if you're good with cereal, it's a bit of effort:

    This is only good for 1 month in the freezer so I'm waiting until closer to my 8/21 due date and going to make a bunch but I love this Chicken Pot Pie recipe from Ina Garten: I adore any chicken pot pie but this one just has so many great flavors you'd never find in a prepackaged one (which I am completely not above either!). DH is not a chicken pot pie guy so these will be all for me and perfect individual servings as opposed to having a huge casserole dish.

    Sorry for the long post. I'd been waiting to get close enough to start making some meals, but I used this thread for inspiration and wanted to contribute as well now that I'm finally trying things out and searching through my cookbooks :)

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  • Kimmie4422Kimmie4422 member
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