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Birth Anouncement Rant

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Just trying to get this board active.   I'll start with a rant.   I know I am fortunate enough to have DS while many others are still struggling TTC #1, but it doesn't make birth announcements any easier.  

We recently learned of two sets of close friends who announced their pregnancy to us within a week or two of one another.   Both couples have the same due date, and are pregnant with second child.  Although I want to be happy for them,  I broke down in tears after hearing the second announcement.  IF bites. 
2nd ectopic resulted in loss of tube. HSG revealed remaining tube is "severely torqued".
IVF #1: ER 03/29/10; ET 04/01/10: transferred 2 embies; Beta #1 (9dp3dt)- 45; Beta #2 (11dp3dt)- 91= BFP 
FET#1: ET 04/18/12: transferred 4 embies; Beta #1: >2 = BFN
IVF #2: ER 06/20/12; ET 6/25/12: transferred 2 embies; Beta #1 on 7/5/12= BFN 
8/16: hysteroscopy for uterine polyp removal
11/11: hysteroscopy #2 for yet another uterine polyp removal
FET#2: ET 12/15/12: transferred 3 embies; Beta #1 (9dp5dt): 12/24/12: 426; Beta #2 (11dp5dt): 12/26/12: 845= BFP
u/s 1/9= triplets!; miscarried all three on 1/10/13...
IVF#3: ER 03/30/17; ET 4/4/17: transferred 1 grade 5AA embryo; Beta #1 (9dp5dt): 4/13/17= 15; Beta #2: 4/17/17: BFN
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