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Weekly Appointments 3/20

Who has something going on this week?
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Re: Weekly Appointments 3/20

  • @pawcall good luck tomorrow!

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  • @TraceeM congrats!

    @kyersten yay!! Hope everything looks great and you graduate!

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  • Went for bloodwork after some bleeding. Low progesterone levels and have an ultrasound now. 
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  • Hoping for the best @Asivec
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  • Thinking of you @Asivec. Hope you see a tiny little baby with a heart beating away on the ultrasound.
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  • @Asivec thinking of you!

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  • Joining those who have an ultrasound on Thursday. This will be our first one. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. 
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  • @Asivec saying a prayer for you and your little one!
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  • First Ultrasound on Friday with RE! I'll be 6w2d. Hoping for a good heartbeat! ❤️
  • First appointment tomorrow! Very nervous and excited. Since it won't be at a doctor's there won't be an ultrasound but Melanie will be amazing and help us with all off our questions and concerns and do some testing. Maybe hear the heart beat! We shall see. 
  • Not this week, but I finally got my first appointment scheduled for 4/12!! I don't know how I'm going to make it that long, all those ultrasound pics are awesome!
  • 3rd Beta was today.. I am so confused with all these numbers. 
    1st beta. Hoping these are good numbers...

  • matika88matika88
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    Had my first apt 3/20. Typical pelvic/breast exam, review of medical history and all that good stuff. First ultrasound was scheduled for next Wednesday, I'll be 6w5d. Can't wait!
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  • @gutierrez101
    what are your numbers?

  • Today's appointment went well. OB said I will need an additional appointment at 22 weeks for a fetal echo since I have mitral valve prolapse, but hopefully nothing to worry about. The ultrasound literally took like a minute. Also did a urine culture and Pap smear. Nothing else, but it's still earlier than many people are seen. We decided on free cell DNA testing and will set a date for that at our next appointment on 4/10. Added another high risk OB appointment on 4/10 to discuss karotyping and hopefully an exit from MFM care.
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