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  • @mdlorenz that makes me SO MAD for you!!  I would definitely at least say something to the charge nurse. It's hard because you want to just go off and demand a different nurse, but at the same time you know all the nurses work together and are more than likely "work friends"  so you don't want to piss off the wrong one that would cause others to make it harder for you to get time in the NICU. Such a stressful time.
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  • @kipperoo your whole situation with you family screams no to me too! I'm so sorry.  My first thought was why was your family even planning a trip to Paris a week after you were having the baby to begin with? Is it a special occasion? My family is pretty much from about 2 weeks before to 1 month after my due date not planning anything.  I guess because they want to be around if something is needed.  Your sis sounds a bit off to think its OK to just bring her friend to your house too.  Why should you have pay for them to stay in a hotel room? Tell your sis sorry I know you friend is coming but there "no room at the inn" and she's gonna have to stay some place else.  If there's an issue with that her friend can take a direct flight from Utah to Paris and meet them there.  Sorry you have to deal with that.

    @mdlorenz so not cool on the nurses part.  Especially in a NICU where momma's are already sensitive enough you don't need to hear something like that.  The nurses need to be a little more aware of their surroundings and NEVER assume they are alone.  If they wanted to have a convo like that they should have had it outside because you never know is someone is on the other side of the curtain. 

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    Lately I've been pretty pissed at my job. I'm nurse and they have been giving me horrible assignments that are very physically demanding. I've been staying late most nights to chart and I never take my full 30min break. I'm exhausted. We're understaffed and every day off I get calls to see if I want to come in a pick up overtime. No, I'm F-ing pregnant, why are you trying to kill me? There is nothing I can do since the OB says "you can do everything you did before you were pregnant". What sucks though, is I worked nights before I was pregnant and actually had easier assignments. Someone will be looking for a new job after this baby comes!

    Today I'm really pissed because we went to get our taxes done and we owe a lot of money. That's the last thing you need to hear when your 32 weeks pregnant and about to be on unpaid maternity leave. I wanted to start crying when he said how much we owe. Somehow I was able to hold it in... that's my pregnancy win for the day.

    Ugh! Thank you ladies for letting me bitch!
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    @Kipperoo yeah definitely find a way to avoid some of that! Family is one thing but who wants to be dressed and hosting essentially random people the week they deliver a baby? And God forbid you have a difficult recovery, difficulty with BFing etc. just no. 

    @mdlorenz Thatvis really awful. As a bedside nurse I do sometimes find myself saying things I shouldn't and then end up turning around and praying no one overheard me. I'm sure there have been times a patient or family overheard me and I HATE that. I like the idea of asking about the schedule change, so she knows you heard her, you're not immensely pissed about it, and it will be a good reminder to watch what she's saying. However I say that knowing that I am so non-confrontational that I wouldn't probably have the balls to do it. 

    My MBF is that the company that manages our short term disability called today to confirm my claim and mentioned that I don't meet the hours worked to qualify for FMLA. Which seemed like nonsense. So I came home, pulled up all my paychecks for the last year and added up my hours worked. And they're off by 85+ hours (I worked 85 hrs more than they seem to be tracking), but claim I'm 35 short. So in reality I'm at least 50 over. So I have to figure out how to fix that. Luckily my boss said worst case, I'll just take a non-FMLA leave of absence. I've been ther 5 years so I'm pretty confident my job won't be lost. Just obnoxious that our HR can never get their shit together. 

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  • Mini rant:
    I don't have cable but watch streaming channels on my tv. I love all things Bravo, and when I learned Erika Jayne from RHOBH would be on Dancing with the Stars, I had to watch, even though I've never seen an episode. 
    So I settle in to watch and half way through my husband's friend calls me to pick him up from the local bar, as they were all out snowmobiling. I drive as fast as I can, and come home and realize I missed her damn performance! Insert eye roll emoji. 

  • @mdlorenz your situation reminds me when these two female soldiers were trashing me to their new squad members saying how I was "always calling people out for being out of regulation in uniform or appearance but I was "always out of regs"." I heard them while I was in the cubicle next to them. I went around and confronted them. I was a Sgt they were specialists in the same squad. All they could say was my hair had been dyed red and at the time my hair hadn't been red in over 3 years. If they had said my boots had a zipper on the interior ankle yes they were correct! Either way they knew they were wrong. I agree with pp saying you should ask them in a way they know you heard them. 
  • I have nothing to add to the BF but I'm sorry some of you had a shitty day.

    @mdlorenz that's awful! I agree with the ladies that think you should find a way to bring it up. That was super unprofessional. I'm sorry you had to experience that today.
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  • Ok I know its tuesday but I have a major bitch/vent to add!

    Yesterday (monday afternoon) i started just feeling not right, overwhelmed, anxious, my ears started tingling, my back got real tight, i couldn't stop crying.. like sobbing, my SPD was at its worse, pressure was terrible, swelling in my feet, hands and face. I really felt like there was just something not right. So doctor had me come in right before the end of the day to get checked out. He said he couldn't really pinpoint what it was at the moment but he was going to send me for a lab draw first thing in the morning. that makes sense, he mentioned a minor concern for pre-e even though my BP is find right now.

    This morning on my way to the lab I woke up late and didn't get out of my house as soon as I wanted, I had to fast so i was starving, on my way to the lab I get pulled over and given a warning and a ticket for expired plates. Now I'm racking my brain because last summer I went in and paid for 2 years on my plates. So the year 2015 plus 2 years would make you assume 2017 right.... nope, my plates expired October of 2016. so it was really like a year and a half. Then the cop wouldn't accept my e-insurance card on my phone that geico offers. He said he could just pull it up anyway but he still give me a warning for not having proof of insurance! WTF
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  • SKZWSKZW member
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    @BeachMommy2B: What an awful way to start the day! The car stuff will sort itself out, and hopefully the labwork will be normal. Hang in there! 
  • @BeachMommy2B , I'm sorry, that sounds like a rough morning! I hope your tests all go well!! 
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  • ugh I'm so sorry @BeachMommy2B....that sucks! Why would insurance companies offer the e-cards if cops aren't going to accept them! We have geico too, but I tend to print them out anyway because not everyone in the house uses the app. Either way, ridiculous! And really, 1.5 years instead of 2 for your tags?! Stupid! 

    Hang in there and I hope your day gets better! :) 

    side note: I wrote this awhile, but apparently it didn't was just sitting in the reply box...

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  • So sorry your having a rough morning @BeachMommy2B! I hope your lab work goes well and it starts to turn around. 

    So weird that the officer wouldn't accept your insurance card on your phone! Just a side note though from my police officer dad when I told him I was just going to use my electronic version on my phone instead of printing the cards out, he said while he would accept an electronic version, you should still carry a paper copy because what happens if your phones not working, it gets shattered in the car accident, or you can't access the Internet at that moment? Needless to say, I print my cards all the time again! 
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  • @starphish18 there was a legitimate fight in our household over Peanut Butter Patties last week, so I fully agree!!! Non-pregnant family members get what's left, not the bulk of the cookies!!!

    @MSU0514 - that stinks about the taxes, I'm sorry! This time of year is unfair to hormonal people!

    @BeachMommy2B - hope it all works out at the lab. That sounds scary!!

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  • @hp_momma I'm going to be printing out a copy today. I think i was more frustrated that the cop said "it's fine I can just pull it up with your license and plate number..."

    It also grossed me out that he was dipping and had to spit like 3 times while he was talking to me. Thanks dude for that visual when I'm already queasy from not being able to eat! Oh well could be worse.  
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  • @BeachMommy2B that is SO awful!! Nothing makes me more flustered/upset/stressed than being pulled over. It's the worst. I hope your lab results are good news to make all the trouble worth it!! And hope you're feeling better today. 

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  • @BeachMommy2B Gross! That's so unprofessional of him! 
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  • CherryBananasCherryBananas member
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    That sucks @BeachMommy2B. Not a good way to start your day. Fingers crossed for good lab work!
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  • @BeachMommy2B that's so frustrating and gross/unprofessional on the cops part. In CT last time I got pulled over which was somewhat recent they only wanted my license after I searched and found the registration and insurance. I was like since when! 
    I hope your day gets better and your labs come back good
  • @mdlorenz you have a lot of self control. Lol. I'd pull that curtain back right there (after covering myself and stuff of course)

    @Jens_Hoes did you touch their belly back?

    Sorry, just catching up now.
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