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Randoms 3/20!

*I actually love all of you March moms but I think most of us still pregnant are hoping this week will be our turn! ;)
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Re: Randoms 3/20!

  • @marshmallowfarts so many hugs to you! I wish I had some kind of comforting wisdom to bestow but I'm coming up short

    @kaylaef sending you buckets of labor dust! DS and DD are 19 months apart and I so understand the exhaustion!

  • @datalover13 hope it goes so much better than you could expect! Maybe even ends up being 100% helpful and enjoyed company!! Good-luck!
  • @marshmallowfarts I'm having the same anxiety about going back to work. I wish I didn't have to. 
  • @disneybaby84 how awesome that you found a group to hang out with :) and even more awesome that you can go to a park that isn't covered in snow and slush haha
  • @Gators&;BoSox Sorry about the snow. I never was one for what I call " the frozen north"
  • Ok how uncomfortable are cervical checks? I'm supposed to get one tomorrow, my practice starts them at 39 weeks. Is it actually painful or just uncomfortable? 
  • @jenny0228 I felt they were uncomfortable the 2 times I got checked in the OB office....like worse than when you get a pap. It was more painful when I was in labor- For some reason my cervix is really far up (maybe this is normal?) so the OB had to get all up in there but as you dilate and progress in labor it drops down and it wasn't as bad. I also had an epidural at one point so couldn't feel the checks really after that (but the first 2 sucked big time prior to the epi). 
  • My cervical checks haven't been too bad, I've had 2 so far, they offer it 36 weeks on & I declined the 37 week one but had the 36 & 38 ones. It's more uncomfortable than it is painful i think, just having the doctor put their fingers up inside you poking around haha I didn't have any pain or bleeding after but they say it's possible to have some.
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  • @jenny0228 I don't have a very high pain tolerance and I thought they were VERY uncomfortable. I also have a high cervix and so the OB really had to get all up in there to check me. This was at 37 and 39 weeks

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  • @jenny0228 I think its one of those - everyone is different. I didn't find it very uncomfortable. 
  • @jenny0228 I had one on Monday and wasn't dilated, but soft. I am a HUGE baby, but it didn't really hurt. I more like jerked in anticipation like a big wuss. Was sheepish after.
  • @jenny0228 I think it depends on both the patient and the person doing the checks. The first time I got a cervical check with my older son at 37 weeks, it hurt so bad! The PA that did it was pretty rough though. The next time it still kind of hurt but wasn't as bad. This time around I didn't get any checks until I was in labor. The midwives that I saw don't believe in cervical checks unless there's a medical reason. 

  • I had just one cervical check before labor and it was uncomfortable like others said. Wasn't that bad either in early labor but when they checked me in late active labor/transition that hurt like a B!
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  • Thanks ladies- my OB wants to induce me due to my age once I hit 40 weeks, so I was thinking originally of declining the checks but if things are progressing I'd rather know so that maybe I can ask that they let me go a bit longer to see if I go into labor naturally. I mean- ideally I'd really rather NOT got longer and hope he gets here sooner on his own! 

    @Gators&;BoSox it was 50 down here today- did you get any of this little taste of spring up near you? The wind was not kind though. Felt great for the .02 seconds the cold wind wasn't blowing and you could actually feel the sun. 
  • @jenny0228 ya it was 50 but like you said windy. plus we still have all the snow and swampy mud. i guess i'm just looking forward to walks and grass haha .. we will get there eventually
  • mcleemclee
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    Y'all i know I'm being a baby but I think I'm starting to get depressed from all the 'where's the baby' questions I've been getting lately. My due date is Sunday and we really thought she was coming early but apparently we were wrong! MIL and well meaning friends are asking me multiple times a day if I've tried xyz to induce labor. Even BIL is reminding us that he's leaving the country for work this weekend and won't be back for years and would love to meet his niece before he goes. I get it! There's just nothing I can do about it! Sorry, vent over 
  • @mclee I totally understand! I'm due next Tuesday and I am constantly getting the when's baby coming questions. I have no control over it he's not even due for another week! It stresses me out all the pressure they are putting on me. MIL is out of town for business right now so she's checking in all the time to make sure I'm still pregnant and my brother calls all the time to see "how she my nephew doing?!" ... I'm sorry you're feeling this way too! Our babies will come when they are good and ready. 
  • @jenny0228 I do have a high pain tolerance and I find it more then uncomfortable. If you're being induced they'll probably check anyways to see if they need to start you with the gel or if you can skip it. I'm being induced friday but as I am already 3-4 cms dialated with a soft cervix no gel is required. 
  • @mclee I fell you. I am 40 weeks 6 days today, and it is a non stop flow of texts and phone calls. It's actually really frustrating. Everyone thought baby would come early too, because i have been walking around 3 cms dialated for 4 weeks and this is my second baby in 2 years. My son is 17 months old (I was 41 wks 5 days when I had him). Next baby I am gunna tell everyone my due date is a week later so they can get off my back haha  
  • When my son was born I wore pjs for days. I spent almost all of the first day home in bed (and has been in hospital the two days prior, so also bed.)

    It was amazing. 
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  • haha @CanadianintheSouth i was the exact opposite. i had to call the nurse in to show me how to change DD. i was like "ok i know I'm a girl but..." i find boys much easier lol
  • @CanadianintheSouth with my son I was really concerned about his foreskin.  My mom couldn't help because all my siblings and nephews are circumcised.  I asked so many questions about how to clean it, when will it pull back? blah blah blah. Anyhoo you literally do nothing til they're like 5. 
  • Is "Raspberry Leaf" tea the same as the Red Raspberry Leaf tea? Or are these two separate things...
  • jenny0228 said:
    Is "Raspberry Leaf" tea the same as the Red Raspberry Leaf tea? Or are these two separate things...
    That brand is red raspberry leaf tea even though it doesn't say red on the box. I googled it when I was in the store.
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  • *lurking*

    @kjd291 I realized you disappeared from Feb and never let us know you had your baby! I decided to come over here to see your birth announcement. Congratulations! And isn't it funny your edd got put in Feb but you had a March baby anyway? Lol I hope you and your LO are doing well! :)
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  • @kswiger06 thank you, mama!! Sorry I didnt update! I figured once I'd gone into March and there weren't any other February moms still pregnant to commiserate with no one over in Feb was really paying attention to my still pregnant plight ;)  hah. 
    And yes!! I kept saying that's what I got for deciding to be a March mama! Haha.
    Hope you and Austin are doing well too!! 
  • @CanadianintheSouth I feel the same way! This is the first boy in my family in 45 years, so not only do I feel a little put of my element, but i don't really have anyone in the family to defer to if I have a boy mom question. DH is still not super comfortable with the baby stage (even though this is baby #2), so he isn't even all that much help with the baby boy stuff. I had no idea it would be so hard to get all the poop out of all the little hiding spots in his diaper region. Just when I think I got it all, he moves just right and I find more!
  • @catybug820 just wait til they find their penis. Makes cleaning up messy poops super fun when it's all over their hands. Tip--I always give Charles a toy now when changing. Haha 
  • I will keep that tip in mind @kaylaef, so much to look forward to  :# 
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  • Lol @kaylaef thankfully my son only plays with his penis in the bath. It seems I dodged a bullet there! 
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