TTC After a Loss

2nd AF after miscarriage

So I am in the TWW going Cycles were 26 days but after miscarriage my first was 31 days I believe.  Not sure when to expect AF (well hopefully not expect AF) this month.

Wondering if cycles usually return to normal.  I didn't get my BFP last time till AF day earlier I kept getting BFN.  Just going crazy wanting to test already!

Posting is keeping me sane lol.

Re: 2nd AF after miscarriage

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    Mine went back to normal at the first cycle post CP.  The only thing different is not my LP is longer before I spot.  I use to spot 5 days pre AF and now only about 1 which is awesome.
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    I didn't O until 6 days later ahh usuall O time. My normal 14 day LP went to 9 days. Now I am back to normal with O but currently in 2ww so I don't know about my LP. GL!
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    My first cycle after my blighted ovum was normal (30 days), the next was a little short (25), and this most recent one was ten days late (40, which was a pretty awful joke and made me waste three pregnancy tests). 

    Sometimes it can take awhile for things to get back to normal. I can't tell you when to start testing (I know how tempting it is, trust me), but I'm on my third period since my miscarriage, and it still hasn't seemed to completely even out, though it is close. Good luck to you!
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    I just had my first AF post D&C from a MMC.  My normal cycle is 28-29 days but I did not get AF until day 38 post D&C.  I hope my next cycle gets closer to my normal cycle.  My doctor said it could take a few cycles for it to go back to normal but that my husband and I can start trying again now!  I'll be checking for ovulation in a few days.  With my cycle late, it's tricky trying to figure out when I'll O so I'll be using an ovulation kit to help.  Crossing my fingers that I do O this month so that my husband and I can try this month.

    Good luck to you ladies!! 
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