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  • @lanie1000 I have a fibroid as well.  If you don't mind me asking, do you know how big yours are measuring?  Why are the doctors concerned?  I've asked both my OB and my MFM about mine and they kind of brush me off.
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  • @spongeworthy I have no problem sharing my experience! For everyone else this might be one long *TW*

    I have two that are under 5cm that they don't care about, but one that was 6cm that increased to 7cm between my 13 week NT scan and my 20 week A/S. My regular OB keeps telling me there's nothing to worry about (but the fact that the MFM wants to see me every 6-8 weeks even though I'm not designated high-risk yet makes me a wee bit nervous.) 

    MINOR ISSUES: According to the MFM, if the big one continues to grow rapidly, it could block my cervix and make vaginal delivery impossible. It could also prevent the baby from getting into birth position.

    MAJOR ISSUES: She also said it could outgrow its blood supply (scary) and begin to break down which could trigger preterm labor. But that's pretty unlikely. Equally unlikely, she said it could eventually restrict the growth of the baby. 

    She told me she's just being extra cautious, and it's more likely I'll have issues with postpartum bleeding than any problems carrying to term. So, I'm choosing not to worry unless my ultrasound on April 4th suggests otherwise! 

  • @lanie1000 Thank you so much for sharing.  I have a right uterine fibroid that measured 5.6 cm in December and was 6.8cm at my anatomy scan in March.  My baby has severe growth restriction, measuring about 4 weeks behind.  I am concerned that the fibroid has something to do with it, and my doctors just keep brushing off my questions. I've asked 3 different doctors about it.

    If the fibroid does start causing growth problems for the baby, do you know how they would address it?  

    I'm hoping you will have nothing to worry about.  As long as your scans are good, that is the most important thing.  I'm just curious since I haven't been able to get a straight answer from my providers.
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    TTC as of September 2016
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  • @spongeworthy I'm so sorry you haven't been able to get any clear info on whether or not your fibroid could be causing baby's growth restriction. 

    To answer your question, I'm not sure what they could do aside from inducing labor. From the little research I've done it sounds like any fibroid-related growth restriction would occur later in pregnancy and typically presents itself as compression of the baby's spine and head. (I guess the baby and fibroid have to grow until there's no room left in the womb?) 

    I think I read in another post of yours that baby has moved? I hope that means baby has found a place with lots more room to grow and stretch! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get some answers ASAP. 
  • @lanie1000 Thank you for your explanation. That makes a lot of sense.  I guess my concern at this stage was that it might be "stealing" blood flow away from the baby.  But you're right, I'm not sure what they can really do to help besides inducing labor.  I hope your fibroids remain manageable.  It seems like we never run out of things to worry about lol.
    Me: 29 DH: 29
    TTC as of September 2016
    BFP: 11/10/2016 - EDD 7/24/2017
  • Erica621Erica621
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    How far along are you? 24+4

    When do you plan on going on maternity leave? 
    I'll try and stick it out as long as possible.  My last pregnancy I was 10 days late and worked up until that day before, only leaving early to go to my last appointment that afternoon.  Hardest part was listening to everyone say "you're still here?!?" on a daily basis. 

    Upcoming appointments this week?  None this week

    Any new symptoms or changes?  Leg cramps ugh

    Rants/Raves/Questions? My stepfather kindly told me on Saturday that I'm "so much bigger this time around than with my first" thanks man, love you too.

    GTKY: What steps have you taken at work to prep for maternity leave? (Interested in everything from HR paperwork, finding/designating maternity cover, or just like, cleaning your desk or files.) I've told my boss I'm pregnant.  Aside from that, not much.  I should probably get on that and start figuring out who's taking over my job responsibilities while I'm out. 

    (Edited for GTKY getting cut off)
  • @Erica621 whyyyyyyyyyy do people feel the need to comment on our bodies??Tell your stepfather that he is also so much bigger. ;)
  • How far along are you? 24+3

    When do you plan on going on maternity leave?  
    Original plan was to work until June 30 (EDD July 8). Now we may be closing on a house June 26, so I might want to take that week as well so I can get the house setup before lo arrives. I get 10 weeks of paid leave and I also plan on 6 weeks of unpaid and a week of vacation to come back in Nov.  I work in the US office for a company based in the UK, so all my London colleagues think I'm crazy for coming back so early! If only I could get the UK gov benefits as well. 

    Upcoming appointments this week?  Regular OB checkup

    Any new symptoms or changes? Still dealing with swollen feet

    Rants/Raves/Questions? nope

    GTKY: What steps have you taken at work to prep for maternity leave? (Interested in everything from HR paperwork, finding/designating maternity cover, or just like, cleaning your desk or files.)
    I have talked with HR and my boss about my plans/dates for leave. I'm the office manager plus I do all the graphic design for the entire company, so I'm trying to transition into just coming back and doing the design part of my job. That means I will need to find and train my replacement for the office part and I'm just waiting on approval from the partners. Hoping that happens soon as I want 2-3 weeks to train the new person and my mom keeps reminding me that I was 4 weeks early and my brother was 3 weeks early. 

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    FET #2: Sep13, BFN
    Unexpected natural BFP 10/27 while waiting to start next stim cycle! DD: 7/15/17

  • I'm super late to the party, purely because this topic completely stresses me out and I've been avoiding it. But I super appreciate this check in because it is going to force me to start to get a plan in place and stop pretending like I can push this off.

    How far along are you? 22 weeks, 3 days

    When do you plan on going on maternity leave?  When I go into labor? - Reading that this is the plan of so many others makes me feel a little less crazy

    Upcoming appointments this week? No

    Any new symptoms or changes? Nosebleeds are back, which is more of an annoyance than anything else

    Rants/Raves/Questions? No

    GTKY: What steps have you taken at work to prep for maternity leave? (Interested in everything from HR paperwork, finding/designating maternity cover, or just like, cleaning your desk or files.) I’m due at a pretty hectic time in my work cycle, so we’re slowly starting to get a plan in place. I’m, more or less, the only one my office who covers my area. There is some overlap, so hopefully people will be able to step in and help out where possible. I’ve been offered 8 weeks of leave, then back in the office part time for the next 3 months, but I really don’t know how realistic of a plan this will be. I know I am still going to be getting emails regardless of things that can’t really be passed off on others. Starting 2 weeks after my due date, there is a 2-week lull between projects. So that is probably the only relatively uninterrupted time I can count on for now. 

  • stokesm21stokesm21
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    (Working FTM's okay?)
    How far along are you?  

    When do you plan on going on maternity leave?  
    Due date is July 5th, at the latest June 23rd.  If I'm feeling extra uncomfortable or if I've just had it with work in general (haha!) then I'll go June 16th 

    Upcoming appointments this week?  Routine Dr's tomorrow

    Any new symptoms or changes?  N/A.  On FTM check-in
    Rants/Raves/Questions?  N/A.  On FTM check-in

    GTKY: What steps have you taken at work to prep for maternity leave? (Interested in everything from HR paperwork, finding/designating maternity cover, or just like, cleaning your desk or files.)
    Told my manager 3 months in.  Boss was told when he got back from vacay in January.  They are hiring someone on contract which is common here.  I asked to be a part of the process mainly because I know I'm not coming back (they don't) so I want to make sure they have someone good.  I'll be taking the full 52 weeks (Canada)  Attempting to not start any major projects or anything I won't be able to follow through with.  Distancing myself more from the voluntary aspects like suggesting new ideas (not like anything in the past has been implemented anyways, it's a dysfunctional place)  Basically at this point I'm just riding it out.  I don't want my paid leave to start until baby is born so I can't file the paperwork for that until then.  Need to save up some extra to cover the 2 weeks I'm going on leave early as well as enough to get us through the first month because it usually takes them that long to start paying us out.    

    @Twinkiedoll  My Mom is the worst unsolicited toucher.  I don't know why it bothers me so much.  We're close so it's not like it's weird.  I went over the other day and my Dad hasn't seen me in a while, more like since I've "popped" so he was all, "Wow!!!" (if you've seen any of my other threads, I love the big belly so I don't mind the comments) and then he asked if he could touch it.  Of course I said yes, he's my Dad, but I was so appreciative that he asked instead of just going in for it.  My Mom like rubs it and shit and it really irks me.  (I'm a Daddy's girl so maybe that's coming into play a little bit here haha!)

    @lanie1000 I am so sorry that happened to you (drooling in front of pres) but I must admit it made me giggle.   
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  • I'm late to this party too!
    How far along are you?  22 weeks

    When do you plan on going on maternity leave? 
    This will be a planned c-section so I'm thinking I'll only take a day off before hand. Save up my time off for after.

    Upcoming appointments this week?  Not this week.

    Any new symptoms or changes?  Not really.

    Rants/Raves/Questions?  Nah.

    GTKY: What steps have you taken at work to prep for maternity leave? (Interested in everything from HR paperwork, finding/designating maternity cover, or just like, cleaning your desk or files.)
    I finally emailed the HR rep for my paperwork, this is the first pregnancy that I'm eligible for disability with so I'm trying to navigate that.  You ladies have all been inspiring me to get my stuff together. I need to start lining up Project Managers to take over my projects while I'm out.  Its stressful.

    Also - My mom told me that I'm "carrying to much differently" this time. And it wasn't meant as a compliment.  Ugh. I sympathize with those of you who had a similar experience.

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  • @stokesm21 ; I reacted badly the first time MIL rubbed my belly.  I did not intend to have such a strong reaction, but I was caught off-guard because my brain could not process why anyone would want to do that.

    Anyway, DH mentioned to her a couple weeks ago that I had "popped."  So MIL comes up to me and just demands, "Pull back your dress."  (meaning pull on the back of my dress so the front would be taut against my stomach)

    I just froze and glared at her.  I didn't say anything because I thought her tone was so rude.  She then said, "well you won't let me touch so you can at least let me see.  Pull back your dress.  I want to see how big you are."

    I just said, "There is nothing to pull back. This is what I look like now."

    I was so pissed.  I don't know why people feel a sense of entitlement over MY body just because I'm pregnant.
  • @stokesm21 The thought of my dad essentially rubbing my uterus.... 

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    Highly monitored internet and no cell service in the office, so I'm postin' and ghostin' while I'm workin' 
  • How far along are you? 22 Weeks

    When do you plan on going on maternity leave? 
    I'm a teacher during the year and swim coach in the summer. I plan on coach until I pop (they'll be only 2 or so weeks left of the season) and taking September off of school. 

    Upcoming appointments this week? My bi-weekly blue light therapy on Saturday (cystic acne form pregnancy)

    Any new symptoms or changes? I think my cystic acne is improving (finally). Definitely more discomfort in my stomach (assuming RL pain). 

    Rants/Raves/Questions? Curious as to when teacher's put in the paperwork for maternity leave. Also, I haven't told my students yet (9th-10th grade), kind of just waiting until they ask and the word spreads. Is that a terrible idea?

    GTKY: What steps have you taken at work to prep for maternity leave? (Interested in everything from HR paperwork, finding/designating maternity cover, or just like, cleaning your desk or files.) 
    Nothing other than telling my admin I'm probably taking September off. 

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  • Katie______Katie______
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    Hi-- Can I add a question here?   I fly for work coast to coast.  So I am taking two months of leave and then doing 2-3 east to west flights pretty soon after, likely two.  Like in September or October. Can you guys help me thinking through pumping and flights? I won't have baby with me. Do you do layovers and pump half way across the country?  Or do a direct and jump kind of window seat and do it?   I won't have baby, but 1) I do want to not lose milk supply if it comes in well and 2) I don't want to be in mega pain.  Flights are 5 or 6 hours not including boarding, which takes even longer.

    Thanks for helping a FTM working mama!

  • @Katie______ - I know last year when my coworker was pumping and we were on a cross-country flight (direct), she had the window seat and pumped while there. She said it wasn't a full pumping session, but it was enough and she wasn't uncomfortable. When we got to our destination, she did a full session. Her supply never tanked.

    Also, this is anecdotal, but I've heard of a shipping service for pumped milk so that you don't have to worry about it unfreezing and going bad (if you plan to save it). I fully plan to find out about this service and use it next March when I have to do the cross-country trip again (my job does it every two years).

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  • clioclio
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    @Katie______ Several airports now have rooms set aside specifically for nursing and pumping, so I'd totally take advantage. 6+ hours without pumping would have definitely made me physically uncomfortable so it might be worthwhile to take your pump on board and use it if/when necessary. 

    @star_beagle I've never heard of a shipping service for pumped milk- that's awesome! Pumping and dumping is the worrrsst.
  • XathXath
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    @Katie______ I've pumped several times on airplanes.  The white noise on the plane is loud enough that noone can hear the pump; folks in the seats next to me had no idea what I was doing.  The issue is (call the airports ahead of time) that many airports/airlines will not allow you to take breastmilk as a carry-on if you're not traveling with a baby.  Some do; just make sure you call and get approval before you go through security. 

    I've had success checking a cooler of frozen milk; it acts as its own ice pack.  We did that with my freezer stash when we moved to the UK and 400oz survived 18 hours of travel time still frozen solid.  

    If you're staying in a hotel without an individual fridge, some will let you use their office fridge/freezer to store your milk while you stay there.  I did that once out of necessity, but tried to book hotels with mini-fridges in the room after that for my own sanity.  

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  • Thanks @Xath , @Clio  and @star_beagle
    I travel usually up to 20 times a year and least 4-6 coast to coast so that helps! I also thought about just doing flights with a layover so I could pump on the ground....not that it's a ton better, but it'd be a broken up 6 hours! I just have been thinking trying to figure out what.  I know now, I need to get up every hour - 1.5 hours to walk (and sometimes to pee too) so the long flights are ok, just doctors orders really make an aisle seat a medical necessity.  So I am trying to think ahead of how it works! Thank you! I have heard of the milk ship. Some works cover it (so ask!) Not mine--that I know of, but I could ask.  Here are two links but there are a ton more. https://www.milkstork.com/plan-your-trip http://images.fedex.com/us/healthcare/pdf/Cold-Shipping-for-nursing-working-moms.pdf   it gets pricey fast!
  • @jkbrownstein I told me 9th-11th graders the day before midterm week.  They were super excited for me.  They almost never guess, because they have way too much of their own drama on their minds, lol, so I just tell them when it works for me.  I also already filed paperwork.  To my understanding, this is the typical time to do so.
  • How far along are you?  24 weeks tomorrow

    When do you plan on going on maternity leave?  
    I quit my job in September and got pregnant soon after.  (Amazing what reduced stress levels will do for your body!)  I've been looking for work since January.  I have a couple interviews lined up but am feeling guilty that I'll need to take time off pretty quickly.  Advice I've been given is either: 1. Share and negotiate time off at the offer stage or 2. Don't share til I start.

    Has anyone gone thru a job search while expecting?

    Upcoming appointments this week?  Next week.  Testing for GD and Anemia.

    Any new symptoms or changes?  No

    Rants/Raves/Questions?  Back and hip pain!? Seriously?  I have a ways to go still.  Ugh...ordered a support belt today, hoping it helps.  They keep telling me that walking is the best exercise but walking hurts!

    GTKY: What steps have you taken at work to prep for maternity leave? (Interested in everything from HR paperwork, finding/designating maternity cover, or just like, cleaning your desk or files.)
     Looking for advice on handling a job search/new job with maternity leave pending.
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  • So, I've had a chance to read through all of these at some point but it's been so insanely crazy at work that I haven't been able to respond and then of course I started getting anxiety because I couldn't respond and all that but happy to see people find a little value in a wm check-in!

    @babymama4life, I wish I could start interviewing for jobs so I'm following to see what other people suggest - what kinds of jobs are you applying for? The jobs I've interviewed for including my current role have taken up to 3 months for the whole process, so my plan is to get my resume ready and as soon as I go on maternity leave, start applying for jobs.
    Also, I am kind of in pain everywhere too and I just havent' had time for exercise or walking - but I did do a little yoga last week and felt MUCH better afterwards for a few days - maybe do a combo of yoga and walking?

  • @satsumasandlemons I'm looking at analyst and project manager jobs.  At this point I'm no longer applying to new roles, just interviewing for roles that have me on file.  It's becoming more and more real that I'm having a baby in three and a half months!!
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  • Ugh.  Why is it that when I book a day off and other people work for me they don't actually get any work done?  And they leave my office a mess.  *sigh* 
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