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Coachella while Pregnant?

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I had made plans to go to Coachella with my friends next month. I found out today that I am pregnant! :D DH and I have been going through IVF, so it's not a surprise, and we are ecstatic! Now, I'm wondering if I should cancel my trip. We have a lot of money already invested in the trip, and I was really excited to go. I have never been, and I figured it would be very difficult to go once we have children. To anyone who has been to Coachella or a similar music festival, what is your opinion? I will be around 6 weeks then. I am a responsible person who would be able to stick to my "take it easy and stay hydrated" plan. DH and I also have medical training, so we should be able to make informed decisions if anything arises. Please please share your opinion.

Thank you much!

Re: Coachella while Pregnant?

  • Yay I recognize you from the IF boards! Congrats!!! Join us on the "pregnant after IF" board :)

    anyway i I have a 3.5 year old and still traveled (18 hour car ride 7 weeks pregnant, flew around 5 months) and still went to concerts. Nothing major but an all day standing outside in heat type of thing with tailgating before. I've never been to Coachella but we have a huge music festival here and I still went. I just tried to stay away from smoke and drank a ton of water, had a chair to sit and packed snacks. I will say being sober, drunk people become that much more idiotic and annoying (my husband especially haha).

    this pregnancy my husband wants to drive 2 hours to the football stadium for a concert and while it'd be totally safe, it was absolutely exhausting that last time we went with my daughter so I may opt out (my husband wants to stay out till 3am, I haven't seen 10pm since doing IVF ha). I'm telling him to make it a guys night, but it'd be totally safe :)
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    Congratulations on your pregnancy!   You will probably get very mixed opinions on this.   For me, I would be a tad nervous going to Coachella.   All the stuff with staying hydrated and not overheated is all SUPER important, but the main thing that makes me afraid of going to festivals while pregnant is the fear of drunk people bumping into me or knocking me over.   I used to be a huge concert and festival go-er, and I've been knocked into and knocked over quite a few times while at concerts.  
    That is just my personal fear though.  The reality is, you would more than likely be completely fine to go.   It really just depends on your level of anxiety about the situation I suppose!   I have many friends that did a lot more dangerous of things during their pregnancies (downhill skiing, competitive horseback riding..etc) and were totally fine!   I just happen to be someone who always tries to err on the side of caution
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  • I haven't been to Coachella, but I went to Stagecoach at the same venue a few years ago. For stagecoach they allowed us to bring folding chairs, which was especially nice on day two and three. Bring lots of money for water and other ways to keep cool because it does get hot there. Otherwise I don't see why you wouldn't be able to go and enjoy it.
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  • At 6 weeks you should be fine. LOTS of water and make sure you wear comfy shoes. If you can bring a chair, do it. Babe is still inside your pelvis that early so getting bumped or jostled shouldn't be an issue but obviously don't get into anything too rough! I was at a concert at 12 weeks and my only complaint was that my back hurt after standing in one spot for 4 hours. Have fun and congrats!
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    @PolythenePam, @tripledaggerWed95976, @meggyme, and @MyNamesTaken Thank you very much for your replies! I feel much better about it now. I will definitely keep hydrated and stay out of anything crazy. No mosh pits for me. :P DH will be my bodyguard. I will also bring a folding chair for comfort. :) Thank you again!

    @PolythenePam Ooh, I didn't even know that board existed. I will definitely jump over there soon.
  • FWIW I hated cochella. I went when I was 21. I hated the heat, the crowds and the fact that there were drunk people and people on drugs everywhere.

    Would I go if I was pregnant? Probably not, but it's also not my scene. Do I regret going? Nope, it's like a right of passage as a kid from SoCal lol. Just make wise choices. Stay hydrated, be aware of your surroundings, and have fun. It may be your last chance to get there for a few years ;)

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  • @sdLindenberg Thanks for your input. The fact that this may be my last chance to go is exactly why I really want to do it. My friend has been hounding me to go for years. This is the first year I actually have the time. I will definitely be careful. Thanks again! :)
  • @lizycs I say go, as long as you feel up to it. We don't have to stop having fun just because we're pregnant, as long as we're safe about it!

  • I'd go. You'll only be 6 weeks, so even if someone did bump into you, baby is still well below your pubic bone and protected. I'll echo PPs suggestions of making sure that you stay hydrated, avoid smokers, and that you find places to sit and relax when you did to. I will say that the 6 week mark is when a lot of people start to experience morning sickness, so if that pops up around that time, don't freak out!

    FWIW, I ran a half marathon at 6 weeks and my OB was completely fine with it...her main concern was that I stay hydrated since it was August and that I took breaks if I needed to. I also ran one of those obstacle course 5ks when I was 9 weeks, and for that she just told me to avoid anything that would be a direct hit to my abdomen, so I only had to skip a few obstacles. :) 
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  • @bluejeanbabi05 I feel the exact same way! I am planning to still do the things I want to do (within reasonable limits of course). This pregnancy is a blessing, not something to limit my life.

    @SnarkasaurusRex Wow! You are a warrior! Thank you for the input. I went to amazon and bought a folding chair, a mask (to filter smoke), and a water bottle. I've enlisted DH as my bodyguard, and I'm not so big on squeezing into crowds anyway. I'm excited for the trip! :D
  • @lizycs I speed-walked most of it; I'm not that impressive. ;) Have fun! Coachella has always been on my bucket list, but as an east-coaster with (almost) 2 kids, I doubt it'll happen.
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  • @SnarkasaurusRex I'm an East Coaster too! Which is why it's now or never! :D
  • My only issue with something like Coachella (being a 4x Bonnaroo alum myself in my younger years, lol) is being able to steer clear of drugs, especially second-hand smoke (of various varieties), which at Bonnaroo was hard to avoid.  DH and I are avid concert-goers, and have already been to one since we found out I'm pregnant, but it was an indoor show with seats, which is how we usually roll these days anyway.  When we found out, we did sell one set of tickets we had to a show that we knew would be a smoke-heavy crowd in a permissive venue, just because we've been to shows like it before and there's just no practical way to avoid it, and it's not something I feel comfortable being around right now.

    Other than that, stay hydrated, listen to your body, etc, and I'd avoid mosh pits, but you should be fine.  I'd say just be flexible with the idea of like prioritizing certain sets and taking lots of breaks and understanding that you might just miss stuff if you're too tired/drained/whatever.
  • Congrats! GOOOO! I was 12 weeks at the Envision Festival in Costa Rica. Don't regret it a bit... 
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