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I am 7 weeks.  Up until today I have had minor cramping sometimes.  This morning I did a yoga class that had some crunch like ab workout.  Ever since I have had cramping all day and it's more medium intensity.  I am wondering it the ab workout could have triggered a miscarriage.  I track my BBT and I woke up at 2:30am so I decided to take my temp and it seems to have dropped.  But this is not the normal time I take it.  Any thoughts?

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  • Oops sorry I thought I was posting to the symptoms board!!!
  • An ab workout probably didn't trigger a miscarriage, but you should listen to your body. From what I've read, ab workouts are ok to do in first tri if you're used to doing them already. I would take it easy and do no/only light ab work moving forward if it's causing cramping. For the record, cramping can be totally normal. I've been pretty crampy this whole time. 

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  • Just relax today. Drink lots of water and lay down. That's what I had been told last time if I was having cramps. I don't think an ab work out would trigger miscarriag. Maybe you're having round ligament pain? Either way, take it easy and drink plenty of water 
  • OP responded on Weekly Symptoms that it was a BM.
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