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Fluid in Kidneys


I had a level 2 ultrasound yesterday and my baby girl looks perfect except for having a little excess fluid in her kidneys. The doctor indicated that this is fairly common and typically corrects itself, but then told me that this is a soft market for Down Syndrome. Since I'm 34, she encouraged me to get the Mat 21 testing done (I have opted out of this testing up until now, I'm 23 weeks). I won't get the results back for a week. Has anyone else had an ultrasound d that revealed fluid in the kidneys? I've read it's more common in boys than girls which makes me even more scared. :(

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  • no advice but thinking of you and baby girl! 

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  • That happened to me as well when I was pregnant with my DS. Everything turned out fine on him, no downs 
  • I don't have any experience with this. I hope follow up tests are more reassuring for you.
  • No advice or experience with this but I'll keep you and baby in my thoughts! 
  • I hope everything goes well you and baby will be in thoughts ... let us know  <3
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    @KerrieHarms I found out at my a/s that my baby has fluid on his kidneys too. Did they give you a number? His is only at a 4. 3 and less is considered normal. My OB suggested we do the Mat21 too but we declined. I don't know what your LO's level is but very often this resolves on its own. We will be going back in for another scan at 32 weeks to see if it is resolved then. If it isn't resolved by then he will need ultrasounds after birth and it could mean surgery a few months after birth or possibly downs. My OB said that this is the lowest level marker for downs though. Some OB's really think of it as more coincidential than a marker. I'm sorry you got this news too. I'm sorry I don't really have advice. Research and meeting with my OB helped but unfortunately it is more of a wait and see thing and nothing can really be done at this point. 
  • I don't have any experience with this but want to let you know I will keep you and baby in our thoughts. 
  • No experience, but wanted to send good vibes and let you know I'm thinking of you! <3
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  • @KerrieHarms ; I am also 34, also having a girl.  At 20wks, her kidneys were measuring 5mm and I was told that under 4mm is normal.  Everything else on the u/s looked normal.  I had done the NIPT and NT u/s a few weeks prior, and that had all come back low risk.  My doc didn't even mention the potential link to Downs, and when I asked (thanks google) she said that the kidney measurement is the lowest marker and since all of the other markers had measured normal it was highly unlikely for us. 

    Like @mrs35 I have another anatomy scan scheduled for 32wks to check the kidneys.  My doc thought there is a decent chance that the kidneys will resolve themselves by then.  If not, we will get a high detail u/s at mfm and a preparatory visit with a pediatric urologist.  Then baby will get an ultrasound with the urologist before we leave the hospital and again at 1 month.  Again, good odds that it will be a minor issue and just monitored.  Worst case scenario would be surgery.

    I certainly empathize with what you are going through.  "Wait and see" is so not fun.  Hoping for a good result on your blood test!
  • @optbaby2017 thank you so much for sharing your similar situation! I keep going back and forth between convincing myself this is all okay and the kidneys will resolve on there own as they seem to do in most cases... to convincing myself of the worst. I didn't have any other markers either, so hopefully there is nothing to worry about. Still waiting on those test results and trying to stay off google! 
  • @mrs35 thank you for sharing, too! I actually wish I would've declined the mat21 again. I feel like I've been a little pressured to do it from the beginning since I'm older. Just praying now that it's done that the results bring me some peace of mind. 
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