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Body Stiffness Aches/Pains

Is it just me or is anyone else have extreme body stiffness when they wake or get up after "resting"? I feel like an old woman every morning or during the million times I get up at night. Especially after I have a catering job or exert myself in any fashion. I have resulted to taking long hot baths with Epsom Salt just to get a few hours of sleep. I'm 18 weeks pregnant. The OB said it's dehydration but all I drink is water. Is it just me? Signed Restless in L.A.

Re: Body Stiffness Aches/Pains

  • Water hydration needs go up during pregnancy so make sure that you are drinking so much that your pee is mostly colorless during the day. It sounds like you might really be exerting yourself somedays too. I would recommend walking, stretching exercises or yoga to fight soreness and to feel better overall.  I know that the only way for me to fight the soreness that comes from pregnancy is ironically by working out regularly. 
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  • Add stretching for sure.  I had extreme joint pain and stiffness mainly post pregnancy.  It was hormonal.  Basically with all body changes your ligaments loosen up to prepare for birth and then have to get back to normal.  Look up relaxin hormones in pregnancy.  May give more insight if that is the issue, but for sure, keep up with drinking.
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  • Thank you guys. I'm going to drink more water and look into a yoga class on Monday.
  • A general rule of thumb for hydration is that you need to drink (in ounces) half of your body weight if you weigh 180 lbs, you need to be drinking 90 oz of water daily to be properly hydrated. Yoga has also definitely helped me a lot with both pregnancies...but I do still need a good epsom salt soak a few times a week to get rid of any lingering soreness (plus, it's just kinda nice to relax!).
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