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Not sure if this belongs in another thread? Let me know if it does!

Im curious what everyone else is doing in regards to pacifiers. I didn't use one with my son and he became a thumb sucker. I was also terrified about nipple confusion. Now with this baby, I had told myself to be ok with it more because there were definitely times my first just needed to suck but wasn't hungry. 

Anyways, all of a sudden, I feel like we've created a terrible habit of needing it to sleep and I'm terrified what it will be like when he's not next to me in the rock n play where I can just pop it back in. He doesn't use it during wake time and I'm hoping to keep it that way at least... 

Advice? Past experiences? Anyone else using them? Anyone have a baby take it initially and turn into a thumb sucker? 
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Re: Pacifiers

  • I didn't use one with my oldest but she ended up comfort nursing like crazy and this took my sanity for 2 years. I didn't really want to introduce one this time but after 2 full all nighters in a row I decided to try it in the middle of the night and it has helped a little. I've only used it as a last resort when she's in a suckling for comfort mood. Not sure if I will keep up with it but it's helping during the night in my "heal the nipples" stage lol 
  • I never used one with my first....I WISH he would have sucked his thumb, lol, but he never did. He was a boob maniac all the way. Is there a particular reason why your worried about this kiddo becoming a thumb sucker? I mean, it's pretty normal baby behavior and way more convenient than a binky, lol. (though a harder habit to break I grant you) 
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  • Our first son never wanted one and never liked his thumb. This baby does need it to comfort suckle. He usually doesn't need it for hours at a time or anything. The wubba nubba things help it stay in a place and not fall out so easily and if they do detach it still stays in a centered spot. And as for pacifiers I'm all for anything that's going to allow me to have some sleep. That being said they've found pacifiers decrease risk for sids too so there is an upside to them. 

    Good luck on whichever route you choose! 
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  • I was stressed out about it because I read it would cause nipple confusion if I introduced one too early.  But both of my twins are using them and started probably before they were 10 days old.  There has been no confusion, they're still good latchers when they breast feed, and they have been life savers.  Our pediatrician said he only views them as a problem if they're still using them way down the line.  I'm a FTM so what do I know, but they calm the babies down SO much so I have no regrets.  
  • They gave my twins soothie pacifiers in the nicu, so that decision was kind of made for me.

    That being said, They have been a lifesaver. They will still comfort nurse sometimes (we mostly bottle feed due to low supply and latch issues when they were so little), there has been no nipple confusion. We bought them wubbanubs (the soothie pacifiers with stuffed animals attached) and those are even more soothing for them. The one will stroke his stuffed animal while he sucks and it calms him down. Those are nice because if the paci falls out they can find it by grabbing the stuffed animal. I'm not sure if they're really that safe for sleep, though.
  • I never used one with my first....I WISH he would have sucked his thumb, lol, but he never did. He was a boob maniac all the way. Is there a particular reason why your worried about this kiddo becoming a thumb sucker? I mean, it's pretty normal baby behavior and way more convenient than a binky, lol. (though a harder habit to break I grant you) 
    I would LOVE for him to become a thumb sucker... I'm way more concerned with this binky love. 
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    My first wouldn't take one and began to suck on her two first fingers at 4 mo. to soothe herself and still does it occasionally now at 3yo. My doc says its only an issue when their adult teeth have come in but I doubt she will be a sucker for that long. My son however was so colicky and impossible to keep asleep for longer than 4 hours for the first 9 months of his life so we gave him binkies starting at 3mo. He is almost 2 now and only needs one to sleep or if I just need some quiet from him, haha and we are slowly weaning him off. Just follow babys cues and don't feel guilty! I don't think its a horrible habit. Some babies need to suck but mama can't sit there with her boob hanging out for hours! Keeping it as a bedtime prop is great- I simply don't offer it but once in a blue moon if its not sleep time and my son does just fine! 
  • All my kids use soothers. My son nursed until 18 months and this baby has no had any confusion. My kids have never had issues keeping them in once they go to their crib. We are using the wubbanub because it is weighted and helps keep it in. I love soothers.
  • When did you start introducing them @NurseMama? I haven't yet but just for future reference. 
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    I tried to get DD1 to use a pacifier! She never took to it, and wasn't a thumb sucker either! Just boob and toddlerhood was a blanket comfort object instead of a paci. 
  • Our oldest used his until he was about 2. The last several months it was only nap and bedtime, but he was a really anxious kid and his paci helped calm him down. This LO seems to be on the same path - loves his wubanub, even if he has trouble keeping it in right now. Honestly, for us pacis were lifesavers sometimes. 
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  • I tried to get DD to use one when she was a baby, but she wasn't interested. The only time she used one was if she fell asleep nursing, then it was the only way to sneak her off the boob. We used the soothie ones, and she did like to chew on the side of them, and liked the wubbanub ones especially because it was like a teether and a stuffy for her. I would have killed for her to take a pacifier in the more traditional way, because she was a challenging baby. She cried for about 6 months straight, and comfort nursed all the time. 
    This time around, LO loves the binky. I started it while he was still in the hospital, and it actually helped him get better at sucking. He was getting tired out trying to stay latched on, but the pacifier seemed to help. We use the smoothies, and he is also a big fan of the wubbanub ones. He snuggles onto the stuffed animal, and it keeps the pacifier from falling out so easy.
  • Umm like day 2 with all of them haha
  • I will say the wubanub is a great choice because even if your little doesn't take a pacifier, they make great shuffles/comfort objects. :) 
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  • DS never took one.. and trust me I tried during car freak outs.. he never sucked his thumb either. I will say I'm happy that I don't have that habit to break him of later but it would have saved me some seriously sanity early on. hoping to take the same route with this one. I will say I'd personally prefer a binky over thumb since it's kind of hard to take an appendage away
  • I am so glad you started this thread @shines721 my husband and I literally had this conversation after spending night two with baby attached to me! Thanks for sharing all your experiences ladies!
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  • Ah the lactation consultant in the hospital made me feel so guilty for using a soothie, but a nurse had introduced it when they wheeled him away for his circumcision and he took to it right away. He is literally immediately soothed by it (and still eats like a champ, so it hasn't ruined anything). I find it helpful to differentiate between when he's just upset versus when he's actually hungry, which has helped my sore nipples so much! This thread makes me feel better. 
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    Once breastfeeding was established we used a soother with my son. He's 17 months old now and health pretty much self weaned off it. Only uses it when he's not feeling well. He didn't really comfort nurse but he was a great eater. I will likely do the same once this stubborn babe decides they want to be born. 
  • My oldest son was a NICU baby and they used pacifiers right out the gate. He breastfed until 2 and never had any nipple confusion. I was so thankful he used a pacifier because he for sure loved the boob and I didn't want him to use me as a pacifier. If I hadn't eventually weaned him he would've kept breastfeeding. My 2 day old has been using a pacifier periodically and he'll suckle for a little bit, but he's nowhere addicted to it. 

  • I did not want to give DS a pacifier at first because I wanted to breastfeed and was worried about nipple confusion, but at the birth hospital they gave him one to comfort him after his circumcision. Then, in the NICU they gave him the soothie pacifier and I truly gave in out of mama guilt for everything my baby was going through there with the surgery and all. He still loves his pacifier, but I had some trouble because every time he fell asleep and the paci fell out of his mouth, it would wake him and he would cry. To combat this, I try to get him to fall asleep at night without the paci and just use it sometimes during the daytime for comfort. 
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