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  • @DuchessOfCambridge I had 2 showers as well! One where I live now and another where my parents live with all of their friends.

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  • @heatherdubrow   I just looked at the thread and I don't recognize any either.  I'm so jealous of all the ultrasounds.  I've got 2.5 weeks to go.  

    This might get me flamed but I am giving my cat to the (no-kill) shelter.  She hasn't adjusted since we brought Henry home (16 months ago).  She poops in our finished basement almost daily.  We have tried new litter and boxes. We (and by we I mean my husband) scoop the boxes twice daily and change the litter each week.  She gets more attention now than she did pre-baby.  We have taken her to the vet to rule out medical issues. I don't know what else to do.  She is ruining our home.  Ugh, I hate admitting this out loud.
  • @av2323 that's so sad, I'm sorry you have to give your cat away. I'm obsessed with my little kitty and would be devastated if we had to come to that conclusion. Have you tried Feliway? My cousin's cat freaked out when she got pregnant but calmed down with Feliway. They still use it even though their child is now four. Maybe she feels as though the basement is "her space"? Could you put the litter box there? I'm sure you've tried everything already but this just makes me so sad!
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  • @av2323 no flames here, I would be heartbroken. Do you have any friends or neighbors without kids that might want to take your kitty?

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  • I'm a believer in "pregnancy brain." I know there are actual studies saying that it's not a thing, but I think between the changes in hormones, sleep patterns, everything extra we're now worrying about, the distractions of physically feeling different, that it makes perfect sense to not be able to remember things as well. 

    And I am struggling to stay in the same habit of taking my thyroid meds. I used to wake up to pee every morning around 5 and I would take them before going back to sleep for a couple hours. But DS woke me up around 2 so I slept through my normal wake up and didn't remember I hadn't taken my medicine until I was already eating breakfast. So much for taking it on an empty stomach. (Maybe this is more of a rant than confession, I dunno)

  • @DuchessOfCambridge  We have not tried Feliway.  I am willing to try anything as we desperately do not want to give her way.  She has several litter boxes in the basement.  We put them all over the house since she started avoiding them.  It makes me want to cry thinking about it  :(

    @heatherdubrow  I have tried all my friends and family with no luck.  I keep asking my mom about every other day so I may be able to wear her down eventually.  She is the nicest cat in all the land.
  • @av2323 I'm so sorry. Really hoping Feliway works for you!
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  • This sounds ungrateful because it kind of is since any gift is thoughtful so flame away, but I don't want anyone to give me decor for baby unless I pick it out because I have this nursery planned to a T. I won't use it and then they will feel bad when they come over and see it isn't there.
    No flames from me, I feel exactly the same way. 
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  • @ArtificialRed - Pregnancy Brain is definitely a thing!  I've been catching myself doing really weird, dumb things.

    @DuchessOfCambridge - Who would buy baby decor that is not on a registry?  Is that a thing??

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  • @SweetMelissa4 I have a friend specifically who does this a lot, gives me decor I don't want. She did it for part of our wedding gift because she thinks it's more "personal" than just getting something from the registry. I haven't used what she gave me and I likely never will because it's not my style, but she's also the kind of person who asks why you haven't hung up x or put out x. 
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  • @Tourmalily  I totally want a boob job after this pregnancy.  The gals point downward after having DS.  It's weird and it bothers the f*ck out of me.
  • av2323 said:
    @Tourmalily  I totally want a boob job after this pregnancy.  The gals point downward after having DS.  It's weird and it bothers the f*ck out of me.
    I used to say I would do something to fix it if pregnancy made my boobs saggy. But then my boobs shrank a couple cup sizes smaller than pre-pregnancy over the course of nursing. And it was like..this..this wasn't what I meant?? Lol But they were at least too small to really sag. Guess we'll see what happens this time!

  • Pregnancy brain...YES!!! I fumble through words when I am usually very articulate. My coworkers were like, what is up with you?! 

    Along that line -can someone please direct me on updating my ticker. I have found the location of where to create a new one, but I cannot seem to add it to my signature. Clearly my old one from DS is there and it says I am like 400 week preggers! HELP!
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  • @cottingham3 go here: http://global.thebump.com/  Create your ticker, go to your preferences, signature settings, delete your old one and paste the link to your new ticker.
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  • Yep I'm bumping mobile, a million years pregnant, and haven't had the chance to fix it yet since DH has been holding our laptop hostage at his office. Lol
  • @Karrotelle same- except June. I had terrible sciatica during the last pregnancy and I fear sleeping on the ground or air mattress will kick it off again.
  • Pregnancy brain and mom brain are 1000% a thing. Whoever says otherwise is not a mom or pregnant. 
  • @av2323 I'm really sorry you have to make that decision. No flames from me. 

    Also, pregnancy brain is a thing and I bet those studies were conducted by men. 

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  • @cottingham3, you have to click on the </> in your signature settings and paste your ticker code there.  :)

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  • I don't think "pregnancy brain" is necessarily a special thing related specifically to pregnancy, but the hormones, lack of sleep, and all the preoccupation with extra things to think and worry about can definitely do a number on a person's ability to remember!  My memory is TERRIBLE when I'm pregnant!  But I've also had similar symptoms when I wasn't pregnant, but working a million hours at work and preoccupied by personal life stuff.  

  • @DuchessOfCambridge  I plan on having two as well, one where I live now and one where DH & I grew up.

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  • I judge my fellow bumpies based on their User names. ....

    Yes! And I LOVE yours!
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  • jess0211jess0211
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    @av2323 we are having similar discussions about our cats if they keep up their recent behaviors when LO arrives.  They keep pooping and peeing in our finished basement as well.  The vet has no explanation, we have had them for 10+ years! It breaks my heart but I can't have that with a LO. We will give it some time but it's already stressing me out. I am hoping perhaps my mom might take them...sorry you're dealing with this too. Our pets are important to us as well and these decisions are hard! Eta I write this as my kitties are both cuddled up with me  :'(

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  • Thank you... see, try to tell me there is no such thing as pregnancy brain! I will throw my lunch at you! haha
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