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Huge bleed today

So I was standing at work today and felt a gush. I went to the bathroom, thinking it was progesterone, but it was blood. Filled a panty liner, and then some. Put another liner in to get home, and that one was filled about an hour later. I called my RE's office and they told me to go on bed rest today and to come in tomorrow at 8:45 for an ultrasound. I'm 7w2d today. The bleeding has pretty much stopped, but I have had some mild cramping off and on. I'm fearing the worst but hoping for the best. Anyone have any experience with something like this?

Re: Huge bleed today

  • I'm sorry. I have no experience. But thinking of you! Please let us know how tomorrow goes. Good luck!
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    I'm thinking of you and sending good luck vibes from Florida. Let us know how it goes tomorrow. 
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    No experience but thinking of you as well.  Good luck tomorrow.
  • Sounds like it could be a subchorionic hemorrhage. There was a post about this earlier this week that's worth checking out. Good luck. 
  • Hope everything is okay. Good luck at your appointment tomorrow.

  • Thanks everyone
  • Thinking of you & sending prayers your way!
  • Did they ever tell you you had a subchorionic hemorrhage? My RE told me I had one before I graduated to obgyn. I am 10.5 weeks and I had my second huge bleed today of the week. On Sunday I went to the ER with heavy bleeding. Prior to that I had no bleeding at all. ER doc did a pelvic and u/s and all looked good. I followed up with obgyn yesterday and she told me baby looked fine. And then this morning  I felt a gush again and it was another big bleed. I went to the obgyn and baby is fine and heart is still beating but this sucks and I hate it. Did you ever establish heartbeat before? To me this sounds like sch. There is a thread on this and there are others in this group that have one. Hang in there and keep us posted on what happens tomorrow. I know it's not easy. I am still bleeding from my big bleed this AM but it has subsided. 
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    Something similar happened to me twice, at 6w6d and 9w1d.  Neither time I had cramping, but a big gush of blood.  After the gush I spotted a little until it stopped a few hours later.  Both times I was sent for an ultrasound and saw the baby and heartbeat, but nothing else unusual.  The second time they gave me a Rhogam shot because I have a negative blood type.  It's been over 2 weeks and it hasn't happened again.  

    I had to wait a weekend for my first ultrasound, so I know how you feel.   It was incredibly scary, and I hope you have good news tomorrow morning. I will be thinking about you!  
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  • Thanks so much, ladies. I had two sch's with my first DS, eight years ago, but they never caused me to bleed. I had my first ultrasound last Thursday where we saw a heartbeat, but it was on the lower end of normal. No one said anything about an sch last week, but I know they can develop. I've had some minor cramping off and on today, but I still have all of my pregnancy symptoms. Ugh. The waiting is so hard.
  • I hope everything is okay! Sending good thoughts your way!

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    I'm hoping that it's just something that won't cause baby any harm! Sending you hugs and kisses and lots of prayers!
  • Thinking about you today! Hope you get good news! <3 
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  • I agree with other posters that it sounds like an SCH. Sending positive vibes your way!
  • Prayers for the best. 

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  • I hope everything is going well!
  • Sending positive thoughts your way. I hope everything is well with baby.

  • @lindsayfairlamb so happy to hear baby is doing well!! 
  • @lindsayfairlamb So glad you got good news about the baby and I hope the SCH shrinks quickly!

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    That's relieving news. I am sorry to hear that the sch is causing such a stink, but I really hope that with some rest it will shrink and you won't go through this nightmare again!
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  • Excellent news! And the heartbeat is nice and strong now, double good news!
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    @lindsayfairlamb  I'm so happy to hear baby is okay!  
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  • So  glad to see the good news! 
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    Yay that's great news @lindsayfairlamb
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  • @lindsayfairlamb, so glad to read your update! Take it easy this weekend! So happy everything is looking good!
  • @lindsayfairlamb I'm so sorry you have an SCH but so glad everything is ok with your baby!

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