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Why my pregnant self is crying 3/16


Re: Why my pregnant self is crying 3/16

  • @Ekzerr Sorry to hear about your kitty! Losing pets is so hard.
    @SnarkasaurusRex oof! You are having quite a rough time! Try to take it all day by day. If you need to take time of before baby, then so be it!
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  • Thanks ladies!
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  • @KirstinH88 I am on the struggle bus for sure! I just hit that wall of, "oh sh*t; this is happening" and I'm so type A that I need things to be a certain way for maternity leave before I go. If I could afford to take more time off, I would (but then I'd have to make a week's worth more of lesson plans! :weary:). We'll see what the doctor says on Thursday, but maybe I'll have my life back together by then, haha.
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  • @Ekzerr I'm so so sorry about your kitty!
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  • @wagnerw spilled mac and cheese is absolutely something to cry about, even when not pregnant!
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  • @wagnerw Absolutely a legitimate reason to cry. I love me some mac n' cheese! And lol about your DH.
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  • @Ekzerr I'm so sorry!  Pets are family, it's so difficult.  I feel for you :(
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  • @SnarkasaurusRex I'm sorry you had such a rough day, has it been any better since?
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  • @Nolegirl1185 Physically I don't feel as terrible anymore, haha. My cough is hanging around but not as dramatic as it was before so I've actually slept decently the last couple of nights. I still can't hear well out of one ear (everything sounds tinny and obnoxious), so I genuinely wonder if I ruptured my ear drum (it popped super painfully one day) and it's still healing...we'll see what my PCP says this afternoon. DS hasn't had any more issues since then (fingers crossed) and I managed to get the rug to smell normal again after steam cleaning it 3 more times and using baking soda, haha. I still feel completely overwhelmed with work, but DH and I agreed last night that it's probably worth it for me to take off a few days earlier than we planned on (so I am now planning to work through next Tuesday, then have a week off before RCS day) so I can finish up my sub plans at home and just not be as stressed. I don't want to have to eat that week financially, but I think my sanity needs to win out right now, haha. My sub plans are almost completed I just need to get stuff organized before I head out.

    I've managed to get my life (somewhat) together :lol: which means I should totally go into early labor or something soon to throw it all off again.
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  • @SnarkasaurusRex I'm glad you are starting to feel better...those coughs always linger forever and also for DS not having anymore episodes.  Yay to saving the rug!! And YES, take off at least a few days before!  My situation is so different, and even though I had 4 days of work off before my c section, it definitely was not relaxing or stress free. I didn't get to plan anything or do sub plans etc. I stressed so much in the hospital over everything I didn't get to do.  I'd say for your sanity, definitely take those days!  
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