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HDBD ~ 3/15/17

How are we already to the Ides of March?

30w 3d with #2. 

Re: HDBD ~ 3/15/17

  • SKZWSKZW member
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    @Louise_Belcher: You guys are seriously too cute! (And where does he work that he wears bow ties?)
  • SKZWSKZW member
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    @Louise_Belcher LOL @ "hobo chic"   :)
  • @clebl24 Don't encourage him! I have to convince him a 30 yr old man cannot wear jogger jeans outside of his house! lol 
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  • @Louise_Belcher Your H is adorable! That's my H's casual day outfit too, jeans and a zip up hoodie.
  • @SWE2 ; Love your shower dress!
  • SWE2SWE2 member
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    @Louise_Belcher Ha no! I was in MI (an hour N of Holland) and it was freezing. The only maternity nylons I could find were tan or black so it looked like I had crazy tan legs but hey I'll take it. 

    P.s I love that your DH wears bow ties every day. I can only get mine to wear them for weddings. I love them and think the guys who wear them are cute.
  • L1C4galL1C4gal member
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    @Louise_Belcher I'm not sure what the equivalent is, but if it involves heels, I'll probably just give up! ;)
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