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Appointments: week of 3/13

Whats going on at appointments this week, ladies?


Re: Appointments: week of 3/13

  • I just have a quick check with the Nurse Practitioner on Thursday. My doctor is on vacation till my due date March 25th! Bad timing.  Nothing much was going on down there last week. Hoping baby stays in till this weekend so I can wrap up work. Getting nervous bc I've had some cramping and lost pieces of my mucus plug too.
  • Ultrasound and midwife appt tomorrow -- u/s is to check growth and fluid since my fundal height decreased a bit last week. Hopefully all is well because I prefer not to be induced, and hopefully they don't tell me I have a 9+ lb baby because, even though I know better, it will be hard to not let that get in my head! (I'm 38+3 today.) Fortunately, I am 3-for-3 with membrane sweeps leading to labor, so worst case scenario, hopefully they would let me try that tomorrow before an actual medicated induction.
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  • Good luck with your induction @coconutkisses21!

    I had my 39 week appointment this morning and we discussed our options with the OB since baby is measuring pretty big.  (head is in the 92nd percentile and she was 8.8lbs at 38 weeks)  She does not want me to go over 40weeks since the baby is already pretty big, but I couldn't make up my mind about how I wanted to proceed.  I ended up making an appointment for next Tuesday (the day before my due date) and we will do another ultrasound then if I am still pregnant and decide whether to induce or schedule a c section.  OB's recommendation is to try for a vaginal delivery and only do c section if we run into problems but I am really nervous about trying to deliver a potentially 10lb baby vaginally!  This is our first so I have no idea what to expect but that sounds awfully painful!

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  • @SienaC with my first they thought he was going to be 9lbs 11oz the day before I delivered. My son also has a huge head. They offered me a C-section based on that but I refused unless it was deemed necessary after failing a vaginal delivery. I ended up with no issues pushing him out. He even came out with his hand next to his head to add insult to injury. I ended up with a tear but that was better than a C-section. He also was only 8lbs 11oz.... a whole pound off what he measured by ultrasound. You can do this!!! 
  • Thanks for sharing that @jazzyma14!

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  • @SienaC I have another ultrasound tomorrow to check baby's growth as well, as I have also been measuring large. After my appt last week, the doctor had fewer concerns, but of course I can't get it out of my head that my baby is potentially gigantic. My doctor did tell me that the measurements, if inaccurate, are typically lower and not higher. Currently, I'm going with vaginal (induce by 40w if I don't go into labor early) and c-section if it doesn't work- that's my plan right now. Maybe ask your doctor how long they would let you push before doing a c-section if it seems like the vaginal delivery won't work. My doc said 2 hours or even less, which made me more comfortable that I wouldn't be pushing for 4-5 hours trying to get the baby out. If it doesn't work quickly, they will do the c-section. Fingers crossed for you that you can get more info on Tuesday that will make you feel more at ease! 
  • I think I mentioned it before--but this 10lb baby was 100% easier labor and delivery than my 8lb baby. Even if baby is correctly measuring as "Big" at the US, doesn't mean it's gonna be a rough labor! So don't be scared! (I know, easier said than done)
  • Baby girl is measuring big here too. That coupled with GD and on meds for it we have decided to c section on Friday. Her belly circumference is in the 97th percentile. So belly, GD, and due date means baby girl is coming this week. I'm interested to see if she will be anywhere close to the measurement. 
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  • Here's a "funny" story. 

    Had an NST on Monday. 41w2d. Fluids were rock star and she was her normal wild woman self. Last thing they did was take my blood pressure. 

    It was 157!!! (My BP is always low) She got alll concerned started talking induction (first of all lol you're a nurse that does NSTs all day... induction is a big word to be throwing around when this is the first time you've met me) but still nerve wrecking. She got another nurse to come in and redo it. Turns out nurse 1 had the wrong size cuff on me. So when redone it was back to 120 lol.

    Then at the end she said - "Well other than an old placenta you and your baby look great! 


    (Note they didn't even look at the placenta - she was just throwing that out there?!)
  • @vino831 ugh that is horrible! What an idiot nurse...when I was in labor my blood pressure was high (never was high the whole time I was pregnant). They tested me for pre-e which I did not end up having...did they ever think my blood pressure was high because I'm nervous/scared/in pain?! I get they need to rule out everything but really freaked me out. Of course it got better once I calmed down a bit.
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    @jenny0228 That is exactly the plan I discussed with DH last night too! Good luck with your ultrasound tomorrow!
    @mecoats Good luck on Friday!! So excited for you to get to meet your LO so soon!
    @vino831 An "old" placenta? Was she trying to be funny?! How bizarre

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  • @vino831 What?? That is terrible!! Ugh!

  • Still at 1cm for the third week. My mom was never able to deliver and I'm thinking I may end up in the C-Section club. I'd be ok with that, but I'd hate to labor for hours and hours only to have the C-Section. 
  • I was a 1cm (maybe 1.5cm per the nurse) on my first check upon admission (430am)  - I wouldn't necessarily use that as a basis for definitely needs a csection.  I think I was a 10cm by 2/3pm.  
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    Just finished my 40 week appointment. Finally remembered to ask and I am in fact + for GBS. Allergic to penicillin so they will be giving me something else. No change for the third week in a row which is a little discouraging... I was hoping for at least some amount of change! I was really hoping I wouldn't be going over but it seems inevitable at this point... just adds to my moving stresses!
  • Just got back from my 38 week appointment, baby boy is measuring in the 37% for weight at 6 lbs 12 oz and the midwife is pretty positive if I keep doing what I'm doing he won't be over 8 lbs if I go to my due date. I measured fundal height at 37. I was only 50% effaced last week and 70% this week. I also dilated to 1cm so that's awesome. Due to my GD and GH diagnosis they won't let me go passed my due date but she's very hopeful I'll  have him on my own in the next weeks, and mentioned doing a membrain sweep next week. I was a bit nervous about the appointment today because my bp was up again this morning but she checked it before I left the office and the bottom number was under 90 again so she seemed pleased with that. I still don't have any protein in my urine and still don't have symptoms. 
  • @kjd291 Our pediatrician is always super concerned with how I'm doing too. We ended up spending as much time talking about my issues as her growth!! I hope your fluid issue resolves soon. :(
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  • @kjd291 so sorry about the vertigo! i really hope it goes away for you soon I can only imagine how hard it is to take care of the babes

    @longliveregina don't you love when dr.s act like you live in some kind of magical universe where obstacles such as picking up a toddler suddenly resolve themselves because you need it to? like *poof* marry poppins will float in out of nowhere tomorrow and fix everything. i hope a solution does find you though and that you can take it easy and get the rest you need. 
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    @longliveregina like *poof* marry poppins will float in out of nowhere tomorrow and fix everything. i hope a solution does find you though and that you can take it easy and get the rest you need. 
    She did!! In the form of my mom :) 
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  • @longliveregina thats awesome you must be so relieved! mom for the win!
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