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GTKY: How many kids?

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This might be an interesting poll to take again after all our babies are here and the reality of a new family member hits but as of right now, how many kids are you wanting to have? 

GTKY: How many kids? 76 votes

One and done
1% 1 vote
48% 37 votes
36% 28 votes
6% 5 votes
2% 2 votes
Special Snowflake and I will explain
3% 3 votes
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Re: GTKY: How many kids?

  • Hoping to convince hubs to have one more (that would make 3), but I'm afraid he may dig in his heels.  :(
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    At first, my fiancé & I agreed we wanted three! Now he says two (boy & hopefully girl) and he said if we have another boy he's still done. It might take a lot of convincing or it might not, but I still want 3 babies. :)

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    90% of the way there :D

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  • We've always said 2, but lately my husband has said he wants three. It all depends on how set we are financially after two, but I don't really have an argument for not having three other than finances. 

  • I have always been a 2 kid person and DH was about the same at 2-3. But then being older I wish I had more than one sibling and was always jealous of those families with many kids. Now we are hoping for 3 and maybe adopt a 4th that may be a little older and not at the baby stage. I guess it depends on how we handle this one and also if we can. It took two IUI's to get here with one mmc so hopefully we continue to get lucky with those. 
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    We were on the fence between 2 and 3, but since this is #3 then 3 it is! Definitely done after this one, though. :)

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  • I've never wanted more than three. I'm wavering between 2 (this is 2) and 3. DH would have 100 if I'd be up for it, so I'll ultimately get to decide when we're done. As will fertility stuff, as getting pregnant both times a has not been easy.
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  • We always talked about 3 or 4. I'm one of 4 and DH is an old child who always wanted a lot of siblings. Now that we are on #2 we are second guessing ourselves and maybe done at 2, we're quickly running out of space in our house and the cost of daycare has also been a making us think twice! 

  • I have always thought of having 2.  DH always said he wanted 3.  We are mid 30's and we had IF issues getting this pregnancy and looked into adoption.  We will likely try for a sibling after this by going back to the RE when we are ready to try but may also consider adoption.  After our experience with IF we figured out that we don't always get to choose so we will just wait and see what happens.
  • I always wanted 5 growing up, but living in So Cal where everything is super expensive, I think we are going to end up with 3. This baby is #2 and we will likely try for #3 when they turn 1. 
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    I never wanted any at all so we'll see how this one goes!!  I might be 1 and done especially after all of the complications of this pregnancy!
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  • We have never discussed a number of kids we would like to have. We are open to playing the whatever happens, happens game. I think it will ultimately come down to DH. But, I would also like to adopt so we will see. 
  • This is our last baby, so three! I've always wanted 3-4 and I could essentially be ok with another baby but DH took some convincing to get to 3. He came from a family of 4 kids where finances were very tight so I think he was worried about that. He was also super nervous about having a house full of girls! 

    @Louise_Belcher We waited a little longer between 2 and 3 for those exact reasons! DD1 will start full-day kinder in the fall and DD2 will be in part-time preschool. I'm really excited about the age gaps that we have. DD1 and DD2 are close and are at the perfect age where they can entertain eachother and like playing together! 
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  • I always wanted 3, like in my family--I have two brothers, though we're so spread out that it's not traditional (my older brother and I were 18 and 13, respectively, when our little (surprise!) brother was born). My husband was on the fence about having any, and we'll see how this one goes, but I think we'll probably shoot for 2. It makes me a bit sad because I always wanted a bigger family, but now that I'm planning for my first, I'm starting to see all of the realities. My job has long (though flexible) hours, I want to travel, my husband wants to pursue hobbies that he's put on hold while I've been in grad school, and he worries about the financial side--once you get to 3, everything has to go up a notch (car, etc.). Hopefully I (along with this LO) can convince him for at least one more! :)
  • This is baby and boy number 3 for us. We are undecided right now. DH would love a little girl, but there's no guarantee of that next time either so we have decided to wait until I'm 34ish. I'm 30 now. If we feel our family is complete we will be done. Otherwise we will have a fourth(not planning for either sex) and then be done. We have really great boys but man is it hard and throwing another into the mix is overwhelming. 3 boys under 4 1/2 is enough to scare anybody haha even though we planned for them all. I like the idea of spacing a possible 4th child a little farther than the siblings. I am the baby of my sibset by 17 years and I love being the baby baby of the fam. So a 4 year gap between for us would be larger than our usual 2-2-5

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  • My husband and I have always settled on 2, but after everything I've gone through and the fact that I don't like being pregnant, I asked my husband if he would be okay with 1 kid and he flat out said no. Damn I tried so it looks like we will try to have 2. 
  • I was one and done, but apparently God had other plans. We will now be two and through. DH will get a vasectomy or if for some reason I have to have a cscetion my OB said he would tie my tubes.
  • When we got married, we said between two and four.  I thought we were done at two while I was pregnant with DS2 but then I didn't feel done after giving birth to him.  Apparently I did such a good job convincing DH that when I decided I was happy with two, he really wanted another one.  I'm not totally thrilled about going back to babyhood now but it will be nice to have a girl around and a third child will definitely improve the relationship DS1 and DS2 have, as they're polar opposites..  We are definitely done at three, either via tubal if I have a CS for some reason or vasectomy later on.
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  • We always agreed on no more than 2, I was firmly 1 and done until December '15 when baby fever hit. I dare say it may happen again, I think I only really want 2, so we probably won't try again after this LO, but I am only 22 so who knows what will happen.
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  • I've always wanted 3-4 as an only child who grew up watching others sibling relationships with a little envy. MH has always said no more than 2. He's one that's excited to have kids but always said it wouldn't break his heart or ruin him if we never did (I feel the exact opposite). We're on #1 now and we're 29 and 35, so I suspect 2 will be our max unless there are twins in our future. 
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