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FTM questions for STMs 3/11


Re: FTM questions for STMs 3/11

  • @jess0211 What is covered depends on your insurance plan. We are doing Harmony at 10 weeks due to family history. This may help.
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

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  • @adirat I had been debating on purchasing and that just made up my mind! Thanks!

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  • @jess0211 I'm reading Expecting Better now and like @adirat said it's a great resource for genetic testing and the risks/advantages. 
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    I think everyone's experience is really different regarding breast feeding. It's really hard and a ton of work but as much as I hated pumping it was more efficient for me.  I pumped a ton and could bottle feed and DD would be full much longer...and sleep through the night from very early.  She didn't nurse well and always fell asleep so I'd always end up having to pump anyways.  It was sooooo time consuming to always do both.  If she nursed she'd always be hungry again in an hour. Freemies were my life saver.  I pumped in my car on the drive to and from work! I'd say go in with no expectations bc some things are out of your control.  DD had really bad jaundice and had to be under lights for 24 straight hrs. I wasn't able to nurse those crucial first hours which was likely why she preferred the bottle...I had planned to exclusively nurse but that went out the window quickly!
  • Is this the most current thread? 

    STMs when should I start looking at childcare options and any advice on how to find centers, decide on a center, questions to ask etc? Very stressed about this part.

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  • @jess0211 - The "when" really depends on where you live. You could always call a few and ask if they have infant openings or not. Then you'll have an idea of whether you're dealing with wait lists.

    When we had to find a center, we wanted one close to home, so I googled "childcare" nearby my address. I read the Google reviews on the centers that popped up close to me. I went to their websites. I went to my state's website and was able to look at all of the Keystone Stars ratings and also see any reprimands they had gotten from state inspectors. Once I had weeded out the centers that continuously got negative reviews or had a lot of issues on state inspections, I set up appointments to visit 4 or 5.

    I went crazy coming up with lists of questions to ask and everything, but, truth be told, most had informational packets that had all of the information in them already. My visits were more about the feel of the place. We visited the center we ended up going with twice - once with an appointment and once just randomly - and both times the kids were happy and playing. They were independent, but weren't running wild. They were smiling and respectful (as respectful as toddlers and preschoolers could be). The infants weren't screaming. They were being paid attention to and seemed loved. And yes, over the last 4 years, I've had issues with the center, but they have been good about working it out together because they really care about my kids.

    So, I wouldn't worry about going crazy with questions. They're going to get answered when the directors are trying to sell you on their place. I would spend more time taking in the feel of each place and observing the interactions between teachers and kids.
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  • @jess0211 This really depends on where you live, but if you live in a big city now is definitely a good time. Getting on a waiting list isn't a bad idea at this point. You'll want to go see the center. Do a quick google search for some close to your house, on your way to work, and close to work. Some questions to ask off the top of my head: What is the staff-to-child ratio, is food provided, how are the children grouped (by age/development), immunizations for other kids, staff qualifications, and their sick child policy. Oh, and fees. Make a spreadsheet and let that help you decide.
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  • @jess0211 I'm a FTM but living in a big city. Once we put down a deposit on a new apartment, I'm calling all the daycares I like in the area to put myself on a waiting list. Then we'll go and visit them all. We'll be putting down a deposit hopefully next month and that will be my first task after we do so, I know daycares in my city are pretty competitive. In some areas, the moms put themselves on lists two years ahead of time!
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  • @kissthesky32 are you in PA too? 

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  • Any STMs suffer from SPD in previous pregnancies? During my last PG, it was pretty painful pelvic pain. Being mindful of my posture was the only thing that kept it from getting worse. A support belt and chiro didn't help.  Thought I'd see if anyone has a great suggestion or just wants to commiserate!
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  • @jess0211 Yup! I am. 

    @MississippiCatfish I had it pretty badly my second pregnancy towards the end. I was told to make a conscious effort to not do anything to widen my pelvis (stop yoga, no sitting Indian style, etc). I can't say that stopping any of those activities really helped though. 
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  • @kissthesky32 maybe we already did this, but mind if I ask what area? Just curious if you're near me I was going to ask what centers you looked at. 

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  • @kissthesky32 Yes! That's what I mean when I said "posture" - couldn't think of a better word. Wish there was a magic potion or something. Bracing myself for it to be worse this time around:/
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  • @jess0211 I can't remember either... I'm in Delco. Where are you at? College friends live all over the Philly area, so I could probably get you a rec if you're anywhere around here. 
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  • @kissthesky32 I am southern PA, a little south of york 

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  • @jess0211 I drive out to York all the time for work! Unfortunately, no daycare ideas around there though.
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  •  Just a plug for kindercare (it's a national chain) we have been super happy with them and my girlfriend uses them in another state and is also happy with them. 

    we chose it based on hours (we needed a place open until 6:30 for the occasional late night at work) and recommendations. Also they have very strict rules and policies which I like since DD spends so much time there.

    One thing I'm so happy I did was delegate the daycare task to H. He did all the initial research and visited a bunch of places (5 or 6) and then when we had our top two picked out I went and toured them both. This was really helpful getting him involved in the process and it took a lot of work off my plate!
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    Our most successful daycare (#4) was a Kindercare. If I need daycare again, we will just about for sure go back. 

    Its a very structured environment with established curriculum BUT they were wonderful about modifying it for us as needed (my son couldn't have food ingredients in his curriculum due to severe allergies). Example, they couldn't use what was planned in the sensory bin if it was food, which it often was - rice, beans, peas, corn, etc. they always found something else to make sure my boy was safe in his classroom. 
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