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Working out

Anyone else trying to exercise through the end? I've been pretty good about doing my 20-30 minute prenatal workouts on YouTube at least every other day, but sometimes (like this morning) it takes so much effort to get me out of bed and get started. 
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Re: Working out

  • Yes I'm still going to the gym a couple times a week. I have a light weights routine I've been doing. I'll also walk whenever I can.

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  • I use my elliptical for about 10-15mins twice a day and then do a few leg/butt and lower back exercises and stretches. It seems to improve my energy level and decrease anxiety. But I agree getting started is quite the struggle lately. 
  • I'm trying to just do my step counting - 10,000 a day which usually means I have to go for a purposeful walk on top of normal daily activities. It's been hard to feel up for it with the lack of sleep lately though! 
  • It's been a struggle over here too, especially since pelvic pressure increased in the last week or so.  Walking is often not very comfortable (even really slow) - but the support belt does help.  I have some light (5 lb) weight or bodyweight exercises that I've been trying to keep up, but some of those exercises are beginning to be uncomfortable as well.  Getting a birth ball/balance ball has really helped because I can sit on it and watch TV and feel like I'm at least doing something. :)

    My workplace does a fitness challenge in March so that is helping me stay a little more motivated, as long as I remember to modify everything! 
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  • I really had good intentions. After the nausea and pelvic pain of the first trimester I started walking more and using free weights and some light aerobic exercises. Then I broke my foot and all I could do was arm exercises for seven weeks. Now I can't do anything without all the acid in my stomach threatening to spill out of my esophagus except some light stretching so I've just been content with that. I wish I had stayed more fit and now I think all my muscle tone is gone. 
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  • I'm walking most days (.... okay maybe not MOST) because of GD. Otherwise, I'll be honest, I feel like with a toddler I'd probably not be exercising very much. The All 90s station on Amazon Music is very, very helpful for motivating myself to move. 
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  • @chelle087 Girl you are still running 4-6 miles?!? I am super impressed!! Hope I can get back to that level postpartum once my feet aren't the size of bricks anymore! :D
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  • I'm with @KirstinH88... I wouldn't even try 4-6 miles not pregnant so you are doing awesome @chelle087
  • @chelle087, that's wonderful! I'm jealous! 4-5 is my usual distance not pregnant dnc I just can't hang when I'm pregnant.

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  • I also wish I could run 4-5 miles right now. I started getting bad cramps even walking on the treadmill on an incline so I had to give that up. I have big goals for running after I can get back into it, though
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    BFP on July 22, 2016 (12 DPO)
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  • @chelle087 4-6 miles?! you go girl!

    I was working out at least once a week until I hit around 32 weeks.  Then I lost all motivation/was unable to meet with my trainer once a week.  I have been to the gym in over a month.  I just try to keep moving and walk/move around.  I've done some light weights at home but not super often.  The few nice days we've had I've taken the dog on a walk.  It is supposed to get into the 50s next week (as opposed to it being 12 degrees right now) so I'm hopeful to get some walking in!
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  • I was doing zumba and yoga a few times a week until about a month ago when I had that rando bout of extreme nausea.  I never got back on board after.  I know I'd get more energy if I did work out but I feel dead by the time I get DD to bed every night. This week is my spring break so I'm hoping to at least start walking again.

    When pregnant with DD, I was doing an hour long walk and 1.5 hours of yoga daily at this point. I'm worried about my stamina in labor since I've let myself go so much...
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  • We're planning on going to the Farmer's Market tmrw. Mostly just for the nice weather, walking, and nachos! But I already told DH that I'll most likely be walking MUCH slower than him and the boys AND I may need to take a few million breaks. 

    When I was pregnant with DS, DH used to always take me to the Farmer's Market just to get me up and walking. I think it helped with a quick labor/birth, so we are gonna try it again. Maybe go twice a month depending on what's going on.
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