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  • Ugh, I had an ocular migraine start about a half hour ago...literally half of my vision is just flashers and I'm trying to teach through it. Dreading when it ends because that's when I usually get the full-blown migraine after...this afternoon is going to be ROUGH. I might teach with the lights off and my sunglasses on, haha. :sunglasses:
    Yuck.  Did you make it through the day?  I find it sooooo hard to teach through a migraine.  Other sicknesses are one thing, but migraines are nearly impossible. 
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  • Anyone else still having crazy vivid dreams?  For the past 3 nights, I've had dreams about violence and wake up each time in a cold sweat. Why would my pregnant brain feel the need to do this to me?!
    Me: 31
    DH: 36
    Married 5 years
    DD born 8/30/13
    #2 expected 4/25/17
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    @cafedisco On Sunday night I had a super vivid dream that two of my (currently married to other people) coworkers were dating each other. 
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  • @cafedisco I had a dream the other night that my grandma, grandpa, and aunt all died in the same day. And I just happened to be there to witness all 3 instances. That was a rough dream to wake up to.  :(
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  • @shaunessa haha! Well I keep telling him I need some this week, and we've been too busy. Not a bad solution.  :D
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  • Night sweats, lots of peeing.  But not feeling too uncomfortable otherwise.  Slightly bothers me that I cannot see "down below" and even wiping is a challenge.  (sorry for tmi).  Also have some super tight BHs, but not too often. 
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    Not a pregnancy related symptom but a cold related it possible to cough myself into labor?! :lol: Goodness I hope this eases up soon. 

    ETA Oops I commented on the old thread and not the current bad!
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