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14 weeks pp and pregnant??

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Ok. So I'm BFE but I started my period again 6 weeks pp. Im not married to my daughters father but we plan to get married eventually. However I told him I didn't wanna sleep together again until we finally get married. So I was dumb and didn't start taking BC. Well I caved and we had sex. And now I'm 19 days late. I took a HPT tonight and i can't tell if my eyes are playing tricks on me or not. Does this look like a line? It looks more distinct in real life, the camera wouldn't quite focus on it. I don't have any symptoms really, but I didn't with my first. However, I lost all of my birth weight a week after having my daughter, and now I'm up 15 pounds and I've been working out and watching my diet?! So that's kinda weird. Anyways, Omg I feel so dumbbbbb.

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Re: 14 weeks pp and pregnant??

  • I think they have a problem with asking if your pregnant, but yeah you probably are pregnant. Good luck

  • Might try taking another in a few days or go get a blood test to be sure.  Congratulations. :)
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    Well ironically I was already getting blood work done today to test my thyroid cuz of the weight gain. So I asked them to test for pregnancy as well. Thanks guys! I was initially freaking out cuz my daughter is only 3 months, but now I'm already getting excited all over again ☺
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