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Lucia's (March 3) arrival and adventures

At 6:33 PM, team green turned team pink. I'm still in shock thinking about bringing a little girl home. Lucia came into the world with a big bang, she cried the loudest most adorable cry ever. I couldn't believe her lungs were strong enough to cry so much. She weighed 3lbs 5oz and measured 16 inches long. She is doing well in the NICU and I already got her some liquid gold for her first feeding some time tomorrow. I hope to see her again tomorrow once I'm finally off of the magnesium. Thank you ladies for all the wonderful support.
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Re: Lucia's (March 3) arrival and adventures

  • @mcvgal I'm so happy for you and your family! Can't wait to hear more updates as she grows!  <3

  • MTB16MTB16 member
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    Congrats on your little girl!! So glad you are both doing well, and can't wait for more updates!
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  • Congratulations!! Prayers she continues to thrive! <3
  • Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear all is going well :) I look forward to the updates. 

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  • bacorreabacorrea member
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    Congratulations!! Praying Lucia continues to grow grow grow! Also praying for your healing! Thank you for the update!
  • Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your family. I can't wait to hear more. :)
  • KMD1106KMD1106 member
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    Thanks for updating! I'm glad you were able to get up and move today even if it was just for a little while. You and Lucia will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. 

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  • Welcome Lucia!! Congratulations! Glad to hear that everything went well and that you're both doing fine. :)

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    Congratulations and welcome little baby Lucia! What an adventure coming into the world! 
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  • I'm loving the update!!  Congratulations again  <3

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  • Congratulations! Thinking of you guys!

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    Congratulations! So glad to hear you are both doing well. Grow baby Lucia!!
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  • Congratulations! Sending well-wishes for tiny Lucia, and hoping you can quickly make up for lost time and be roaming the halls like a boss! 
  • SKZWSKZW member
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    Welcome May-baby Lucia! Congrats to you both and the very best of luck as you heal and grow. Sending you good vibes from New England!
  • Congrats! Hope both of you recover really fast!
  • vrj0522vrj0522 member
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    So happy the birth went well and Lucia is strong! I hope your recovery speeds up!
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  • Happy Birthday to the little lady! Great job momma! Keep up the good work to you both!!
  • Congratulations on your baby girl and I hope you have a speedy recovery. 
  • achays11achays11 member
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    Congratulations, and welcome to the world Lucia! Praying that you have a speedy recovery and Lucia has a short NICU stay. 
  • Congratulations on your baby girl, and best wishes for her to continue to do great!  A speedy recovery to you as well :)
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  • Welcome Baby Lucia! Congratulations @mcvgal. Continue to keep us updated please! 

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  • So happy for you and your family <3
  • So exciting!! Congratulations and wishing you a speedy recovery! Grow baby Lucia grow! 

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  • Congrats!!! Keep us updated and make sure to share a picture if you're into that!! ❤️

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  • Yiggle09Yiggle09 member
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    Congratulations! Hoping your recovery speeds up for you!
  • livin541livin541 member
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    So, so happy for you! Keep us posted on how you are both doing!
  • Yay! Welcome to the world, baby Lucia! Sending you and your little one happy, creepy internet vibes!
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  • Congrats! Welcome to the world, Lucia! Hope you both have a speedy recovery/hospital stay!!!

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  • Congrats! hope your starting to feel better and baby is doing well!

  • Congratulations! So happy to hear that baby Lucia is healthy and strong!
  • I'm so glad she is here and you're both doing well. Keep up the good work! <3
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  • rkstro2rkstro2 member
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    Congratulations mamma!  I'm so happy for you and your family.  I hope to hear about how you're doing as much as you'd like to post!
  • L1C4galL1C4gal member
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    Congratulations, and a great big welcome to baby Lucia! <3
  • Congratulations and welcome baby Lucia!! Praying for a speedy recovery for you and a quick NICU stay for baby 
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  • KipperooKipperoo member
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    Welcome to the world, Lucia!! So glad to hear that you are both on the mend and doing well! 
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  • absbubbsabsbubbs member
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    Congrats! I'm glad to hear you're both doing well!
  • Congrats!!
  • 0408Bear0408Bear member
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    So glad to hear things are going well!! Keep it up, momma and blessings to baby Lucia!
  • Congratulations! So glad everyone is going well! 
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