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  • @mbledsoe06 I am kind of in a similar situation as you. I have a trip to Florida scheduled at the end of April for a family wedding and hubs and I are staying there for a week afterward. We aren't planning on doing much once the wedding festivities are over. I am really hoping that we can go. Are you still bleeding or has that stopped? And are you flying or driving? Since your appt is on Wednesday, please post what your doctor says! I know each doctor is different and every situation is different too, but this could at least prep me for my appt on Thursday when I inquire what she thinks about me traveling (if my SCH is still hanging around...).
  • Was anyone told to take it easy or pelvic rest? I read about it online but my dr. Never mentioned it.  Didn't think to ask at the time
  • With both DS#1 and this baby, I was told strict pelvic rest when the SCH was found. My doc actually put me on bedrest for Friday-today, then pelvic rest beginning tomorrow. 
  • @ezavasky I had the large bleed and then it stopped. I still bleed off and on, but nothing like that big scare. I am flying for the work trip to Minnesota and driving to Florida with family. I'll keep you posted. Yes I believe all doctors have differing opinions on the severity of this. I am with a group, so I'll be seeing someone different this time. We will see!
  • What exactly is pelvic rest?
  • @AiramH ; I believe it's mostly not putting anything in your vagina.  This includes swimming or baths.  It also means minimizing strain on your pelvic floor. 
  • Bleeding had stopped as of Saturday but now I'm spotting brown again. Ugh. :(
  • @lindsayfairlamb, I do believe brown is somewhat a good sign, though don't quote me on it.  It means it's just old blood clearing out.  I also had a huge bleed on Thursday and by Saturday morning it was just brown spotting.  I'm continuing to have brown spotting every time I wipe but as long as it stays brown I'm somewhat encouraged.  It's crazy the terror I have every time I go to the bathroom!
  • @sophiakam The fear is real, for sure! My spotting is reaching the pantyliner, so every time I go to the bathroom, I wonder what I'm going to find. I hate it!
  • I have one as well. But it is very small. The doctor said there is nothing to worry about. I did have some pinkish discharge last week and went right in for an ultrasound but everything is ok. :)
  • Tomorrow is the day I go in for my follow up u/s to see the progress on my SCH. This morning, I am having some weird pains on my right side. Honestly, it feels like the pain is moving. It started out higher up on the abdomen on the right, and now it feels like it is right above the pubic bone. This isn't the first time I've had intermittent pains on my right side so I think that is where the SCH is, but this is the first time it's felt like it has moved. It's so weird. I'm honestly wondering if I will start bleeding again (haven't actively bled in four weeks...had some very minor spotting two weeks ago) and maybe a clot will be expelled. I guess I will find out more tomorrow if nothing else happens today, but in the meantime, I hope this day goes fast.

    I hope everyone is doing okay and we all get some good news in the near future!
  • @ezavasky good luck tomorrow and let us know how it went!!! Don't get stressed about the pain. Could be related to the uterus growing. All sorts is going on down there right now. 
  • @AiramH Thank you, I certainly will. And you're right, it could be. Trying not to stress. :)
  • mbledsoe06mbledsoe06
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    I said I'd update after my appointment today. I'm with an ob group of 2 doctors. The one that I saw last week was encouraging me to be extremely cautious and the one today has acted like it's no big deal and that I don't need to do anything in particular. She even scheduled me for 4 weeks out instead of each week until this is resolved as was the plan with the other ob. I'm a little confused on which to take advice from. I was told it's okay to travel, but just take it easy and get up and walk every couple hours both on the plane and when we drive. So for now I'm just taking a lot of the advice from the first doctor, but using my best judgement as well. I kind of hope that the other ob steps in and schedules me for another ultrasound somewhere in between to make me feel better. As of now the next appointment will not have an ultrasound. 
  • @mbledsoe06 Well that is incredibly frustrating!! Did they even do an ultrasound today? We talked about how doctors differ in opinions on how to manage these things but this is really interesting how different the doctors are within the same practice! I'm glad that you can at least travel. Can you request that one doctor if you feel more comfortable with them?
  • @mbledsoe06 my dr. Was the exact same.  She acted like it was no big deal and wasn't even going to have me come back for another ultrasound until my 20 week.  She agreed to do another next week to check heartbeat to give me peace of mind but other than that no restrictions.  Weird that you got such different opinions though...did you have an ultrasound today? Maybe it shrunk since last time
  • @ezavasky, Good luck today and keep us posted. 
    I went in to the doc on Tuesday because I was passing some really big clots and the scan showed my SCH more than doubled in size from the previous Thursday and is now about 5.5cmx4.5cm.  I was so devastated.  Luckily baby was literally jumping around in there and he is just fine.  Doc said he wants me working from home as much as possible and if I go to office he wants me taking a car or an uber door to door. I live in a large city so normally take the train.  He didn't exactly say bed rest but sounded like modified bed rest or "couch potato."  So I had to break down and call my boss and tell her that I was pregnant but with lots of complications and asked for some flexibility over the next couple of weeks to work from home.  I tried to be brave on the phone but my voice started cracking and before I knew it I was in tears.  OK, I really like my job and my career and I NEVER cry and work.  I felt so stupid.  Luckily she is a new mom and a very nice person and she was sympathetic and understanding.  I go back in on Monday for my nuchal scan so it will be interesting to see if being on house arrest (that's what it feels like!) will show any difference.  Good luck to everyone and I'm always curious to hear updates or more SCH success stories. 
  • @ezavasky they did do an ultrasound today. I have no clue if the size changed, but to me it still looks rather large. It looks to me to be almost as big as the sac. So I'm just trying to kinda stay in the middle and take pieces of both of their advice. I prefer the other doctor, but they make you rotate between them at each visit since either one could deliver. It just depends on who is on call when your baby comes. I'm kind of hoping my other doctor looks at the ultrasound from yesterday and will see me at least once more before my next appointment.
  • @sophiakam omg, I am so sorry! I can it have doubled?? They are supposed to go away! I am so worried that mine has gotten bigger too. I am going for the nuchal scan next Friday so will find out then. I hope I don't get told to go on bed rest, I am starting a new job the Monday after!!! 
  • Thank you everyone for the well wishes for my appt! I am happy to report that things went awesome! My hubby came with me and we got to see the baby bouncing around and moving the arms and legs, and the HB was around 150. The SCH has shrunk considerably and she said it looks to be healing very well. She said she has no reason to believe it won't continue to heal, so she is releasing back to work on Monday!! She wanted me to start off slow so I talked to my boss and he is going to give me a less strenuous schedule (I work in physical therapy at a nursing home) and I will ask for help more than I usually do. Thankfully, I have awesome coworkers so they will definitely help. She told me I could finish off what I have left of the progesterone and then stop, but I have a call in to the office b/c I forgot to ask if I should still be on baby aspirin. The only negative to the appt is when I asked her about my trip to Florida, she does not want me traveling to Miami and the Keys b/c of the risk of Zika. We are starting the trip in Tampa for a wedding and she said that was fine, so hubs and I will have to chat to see if we want to just stay in Tampa or maybe venture elsewhere, perhaps Clearwater or Orlando??

    @sophiakam Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear that!! From what I have heard, these things often get larger before they get smaller, so don't lose hope. I am glad that your baby is doing well though and your boss was so understanding. Take it easy and I look forward to hearing how things go for you.

    @mbledsoe06 That is prob what I would do if I were in your shoes. I hope the other doctor looks too and gets you in sooner!

    @AiramH I'm pulling for you, especially since you are starting a new job!!
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    Great news! Congrats  :)
  • @ezavasky, wonderful news! I am so happy for you!  I have a question for you, when you were off from work were you on any sort of modfied bedrest or were you mostly going about your life and just taking it easy/not excercising, etc. 
  • Thank you ladies!!

    @sophiakam, I was not on any type of bed rest. I went about my life as normally as I could, but some days were harder than others. If I was feeling extra crampy, I would rest much of the day. If I felt good, I would usually go for a leisurely walk or do a couple of things around the house like laundry or a quick clean of the bathroom. I tried to get out of the house at least once a day (just so I wouldn't go crazy lol). One weekend, my husband and I drove an hour south to visit a city we lived in while we were in school and that was probably the most activity that I did in one day...lots of driving, shopping, eating out, etc. I felt great that day. So, long story short, my activity level was greatly reduced from what it normally is, but my doctor did not believe that bed rest would help.
  • @ezavasky , I am so relieved to hear that you were able to see such great success without being confied to your house/bed. I have been on what I call "house arrest" since Tuesday and it's just awful and I can't do it much longer. I go back to the doc tomorrow to see if there has been any change but given that my last doc appointment was just last Tuesday I doubt I will see a huge difference, I'm just praying the rapid growing has stopped. I known opinions are split about the value of bed rest/modified bed rest for SCH, and  given that it's a wound that needs to heal it makes some logical sense, but since many of them are diagnosed early and often don't even heal until 20-30 weeks or sometime they are there through birth, it makes it very unfeansible for anyone with a job or children at home. Since I have an office job where I pretty much sit in front of the compter all day, my doc said while he thinks it's preferable that I work from home, he's OK with me going in but wants me ubering/lyfting door to door rather than public transport.  I think I will just start doing that on Tuesday or Wednesday.  
  • @sophiakam Yes it is incredibly frustrating how differently doctors manage these things. Since you're at a desk all day and your doc is okay with it, I personally think it's a good idea for you to continue going to work rather than staying at home and working. It will give you some semblance of sanity. I think I read somewhere that the earlier the SCH shows up, the better chance it has of healing by 20 weeks. So again, just try and take it easy as best as possible, drink lots of water, and listen to your body. Best of luck to you at your next appt!
  • I had a follow up ultra sound today...shrunk quite a bit so no more ultra sounds until my 20 week unless I have bleeding..yay!! Hope you ladies get good news as well!!
  • Yay, that's awesome @baker1jm2! I FINALLY have my scan tomorrow, so excited and hopeful!
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    @baker1jm2, great news!  I had another scan on Monday for my NT and finally my sch showed signs of stabilizing. It had only been 6 days since my last scan so I wasn't expecting a huge difference, but it showed signs of clotting and was even just a little bit smaller. I'll take it! Now I have a follow up scan 2 weeks from today so the wait again continues. I still have a lot of brown spotting but no active big, red bleeds in 2 weeks.  Does anyone who is having continued spotting notice that it's the worst in the AM? I tend to have a lot of spotting in the morning and by evening it tapers off quite a bit.  I'm guessing this is just the physics of blood possibly pooling when I'm horizontal and then flowing out when I'm vertical again. 
    @AiramH, good luck tomorrow and keep us posted!
  • @baker1jm2 and @sophiakam So happy to hear good news for both of you!! :)

    @AiramH Good luck today!!
  • Thank you!!!! My appointment is in an hour!!! So nervous and excited!
  • Scan done! The bleed has disappeared! The ultrasound tech couldn't see anything. Phew!
  • Yay great news all around!!
  • @AiramH , Wonderful news!  Love hearing all these positive stories. 
  • @AiramH Yay!!!! I am so happy for you!!!
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