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Pregnancy Brain Made Me...

I'm not sure if we've done this lately or at all, but I thought it could be interesting. I don't know if Pregnancy Brain is a real thing, but it sure feels like it sometimes!
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Re: Pregnancy Brain Made Me...

  • @Kipperoo Good recovery! Blanking on the spelling always looks better than blanking on the whole dang name...
  • @Kipperoo Nice save!

    @KMD1106 Doh! At least it's your dad.

    @L1C4gal Aw, man. Glad you were able to hit the reset button and start over!

    I had to renew my PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) before the end of the month. I waited until the end of the month and signed up for a class last Thursday (because I've been picking up extra shifts to hopefully qualify for FMLA). I went to the class but couldn't find it. I asked a security guard and he assured me there weren't any happening that day. I checked my phone and turns out I went to the wrong location. UGH! So I haul ass (across town) to the correct location and again can't find the conference room. I find someone that works there and she couldn't find it either. We found a security guard who tells me it's in the building across the street. AHHHHHH! I storm in, out of breath, 40 minutes late trying to explain my crazy morning and all I get from the instructor when I ask if I can still take the course, "Nope. Sorry." I end up going to work to see if my boss will let me work (so I don't lose anymore hours towards my FMLA qualification) and he's being an a$$hole like the instructor! Long story longer, I end up having to pick up 2 extra shifts to make up for this mess and end up taking the PALS course on the last day of the month (yesterday). Good thing I passed!

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    DS2 5/7/17

  • Drop everything! Including a $6 carton of organic eggs all over the kitchen floor...
  • @PartiallyDomesticated Do Australians call it placenta brain?!
  • @nda_roxybabe I don't know if it's a general Australian thing, it's just what I've always known it as and what my immediate circle calls it
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  • I keep forgetting everything! I normally have a great memory, but lately not so much! 

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     "A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~Charlie Chaplin
  • +1 for a generally crappy memory lately. I've been so forgetful and have to keep a running log of notes for myself at work and at home.
  • clebl24 said:
    I keeping swapping words in conversation and sound dyslexic. For example, 

    I need the house to unlock the key.  
    It's time to turn on the bath and take a water.  

    Luckily, nothing too embarrassing.  
    I've done that too! I'm usually very precise with my words, so it's thrown me for a loop.
    May Siggy Challenge: Labor Memes

    Me:31 DH:32 Married 11/06/10
    DD: Born 8/23/13 (clomid+ovidrel+IUI)
    BFP 9/9/16 EDD 5/19/17

  • Ordered shower invitations online and had them shipped to my MIL's old (wrong) address. D'oh! I was frustrated that MIL didn't get them and convinced that it was someone else's fault...nope.
  • I hopped out of my van and was walking up to my house when i realized i didnt have my keys... Turned around and the van was still cranked. 
  • When we were touring an apartment yesterday I was repeating what the leasing agent said about appliances to H and I forgot what they were called...all I said was words yep I'm forgetting all the words these days! The lady laughed and said don't worry that happened to me too! 

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     "A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~Charlie Chaplin
  • Forgot we were going to a friends birthday party, which we are currently at, despite H telling me pretty much every day this week including when he got home from work. Oops! It's at a bar...I can't times! Haha

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     "A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~Charlie Chaplin
  • *snip*

    Couldn't multiply 8x4 today. Spent 10 minutes trying to remember how multiplication works.
    Math has been my most noticeable downfall. Especially counting things. I often need to recount and I still get confused. I love math. It's so strange though my brain just won't let me do it anymore
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