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Medela Sonata Question

I'm considering buying the new Medela Sonata, but I cannot find any information regarding using the Medela Pump & Save plastic bags.
I had a Medela Pump N Style Advanced with Baby #1. Returning to work after 6 weeks, pumping is a necessity. I ALWAYS used the Pump & Save bags, as opposed to carrying around a bunch of hard plastic bottles to pump into. I just found it more convenient.  
I'm unable to determine if there is a connector, or if they bags are compatible with the Sonata. HELP!

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Re: Medela Sonata Question

  • Nevermind, I found on the Medela website under the Pump & Save bags: "Compatible with most Medela breast pumps (Sonata™ breast pump excluded): Easy-connect adapter connects directly to breast shield"

    Since I answered my own question, I hope this helps someone else!

    BFP on 11/6/14 | EDD 7/19/15 | Afton was born 7/16/15
    BFP on 12/9/16 | EDD 8/15/17 | Hypothyroidism
  • I'm curious if anybody has used this one yet? I'm a big Medela pump fan and have used PISA, Harmony, Swing, and the Freestyle, so I'm curious about this one.
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  • I have the Sonata (and I love it) and I forgot to bring my bottles to pump into at work recently. So I decided to pump directly into the lansinoh breastmilk storage bags that I had. I thought I would have to hold them until I was done pumping, but they actually fit perfectly over the fitting where the bottle would screw into. How convenient! So don't pay extra for pump and save bags, just put the bag directly on it! It fits snug, so the weight of the milk didn't pull it off.

    As far as the pump is concerned, it's comfortable, super quiet, and cordless! With my first baby I used the medela PISA and I rarely had extra milk. I know all babies and pregnancies and breastfeeding experiences are different, but I've been pumping 5oz at a time since at started back to work (baby was 10 weeks old at the time) and she eats 3-4oz bottles  (which I think is still a large amount for a young baby). I love having a stockpile!
  • Can you share your experience with the Medela Pump N Style Advanced
  • how were you able to pump into the lansinoh breastmilk storage bags because i am wanting to get the sonata but i would really like to make sure i don't lose any milk at all.
    I am wanting to make sure I can just pump straight to bag rather than pump in bottle then transfer to bag then transfer back to bottle. 
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