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J girl names

looking for your thoughts on the best girl name. 

Jordan Elizabeth 
josephine lorriane
jentry Elizabeth 
johnnie Lorraine 

Re: J girl names

  • Josephine Lorraine by 1000 miles
  • Josephine by a mile!

    Is it the most popular option,  yes. But its not crazy popular, it's not going to be dated like Jordan  (peaked in the 90s and early aughts, on its way down). It's a respectable name that isn't going to look odd on a resume like Johnnie and it doesn't sound like a background pony from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic like Jentry does.*

    *obviously Jentry is a snobby rich pony who learns that money and social standing isn't as important as true friendship and helping others.
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  • Josephine Lorraine by 1000 miles
    By 2,000 miles!
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  • Another vote for Josephine Lorraine!
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  • Josephine. Jordan feels dated and the others just aren't pretty.
  • Josephine hands down
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  • Josephine!
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  • Josephine. Johnnie is very masculine, Jordan sounds dated to me, and Jentry is just bad. 
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  • Josephine 
  • Josephine hands down!!!!! I love j names though. Think about...

  • Josephine for sure
  • Josephine for sure, you can always call her Joe or Joey if you want a masculine name. 

    Johnnie and Jentry are really really bad 

    Jordan is ok I prefer it for a boy but it feels dated in general

  • Josephine, nn Josie!
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