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J boy names

hey everyone! Looking for insight from which names you prefer for a boy 

Julian john
jameson john
jules gregory
jentry john

Re: J boy names

  • Julian John nn Jules.

    It's less trendy then Jameson and Jules I think works best as a nn.

    Jentry is pretty bad to be honest. 
  • Julian, hands down. Love this name. 
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  • I guess Julian. I don't love any of them, sorry. What about Jude or Jonah?
  • Julian nn Jules. I also like Julian Gregory!
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  • Julian.
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  • Not a big fan of any but Julian is definitely the best option
  • Julian is my favorite by far. Jameson is meh to me, but would be my second choice. Jules as a stand-alone name sounds incomplete and feminine. And I dislike Jentry just as much for a boy as I do for a girl. Naming a child after a social class is just odd. Most people would side-eye a baby named Bourgeoisie, and I don;t think Jentry is any different. 
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  • Julian. Could also consider...

  • Looks like I'm in the minority, but I really like Jameson
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  • Julian for sure. I love that name and Jules is a great nn.

    Unlike most I don't hate Jameson, because I have a positive IRL association with it as a name but the majority think of alcohol or Jenna.

    Jentry is pretty  bad , sorry.

  • Julian!
    That's my boy name.
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  • Julian. Then Jameson, then Jules. Jentry is bad, sorry.

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  • I don't like that both the fn and mn are starting with J. Choose one. 
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