TTC after 35

TWW: Feb 27 - Mar 5

Tell us how many DPO you are, what you're doing/not doing this month, when/if you'll test, and symptoms that have you wondering if this is THE month! 

If you haven't already made a separate intro, please first do so in a separate discussion thread so we can get to know you! Good luck!

Re: TWW: Feb 27 - Mar 5

  • 4DPO for me after my second IUI and I plan to test on the 14th if no AF by then. I know from past cycles that my luteal phase (even with the letrozole) is 17 days, so there's no sense testing before then. If I start my period then our tentative plan is for me to start BCP that day for IVF so we can finish the IVF cycle literally a week or two before moving out of state - and we don't know WHAT state that will be to yet as my husband finishes grad school in May and is literally interviewing all we have some stress haha.  But as for starting IVF I am not 100% mentally there yet so it's difficult. DH keeps saying, "yeah but this IUI is going to work so we don't have to worry about IVF and all the pills and shots." Gotta love his optimism!
  • This will be the only month I know my DPO because I'll go back to not keeping track in March.  I'm currently 9DPO.  Hoping to hear from the nurse regarding my progesterone either today or tomorrow.  I'll probably leave her a message today giving her a heads up I took it on Saturday.  I never plan on testing so there is that.  I'll be very happy if I get thru tomorrow with zero AF pre spotting.

    @Momifbysea - GL this IUI works and you can avoid IVF because that sounds like a bit of stress with everything else going on.
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  • Good luck ladies fingers crossed for you!!!! BTW I can't figure out how to comment with A person's name with the @ symbol then their name if someone could help me out lol.
  • I'm about 2DPO. Timing was -2,-1, and 0 or -3,-2,-1. Either way pretty good timing. I used opk and was so excited when I got a glaring positive, last month I never did but only testing once a day instead of twice. . Also taking PNV and hubby started a multi vitamin.  I'm planning on testing March 9 which will put me at 10-11 dpo. Good luck to all of you!
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  • currently 11 DPO and no spotting so that is pretty awesome.  usually I start spotting on 11DPO for 5 days.  I'm tired today.  DD woke me up at 4am and it took me an hour to fall asleep cause I kept thinking about my low progesterone.  If I do go the route of supplements I decided I would do the cream.
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  • 13dpo and still no spotting - ya'll know I'm a big spotter so this is not normal for me but then again I know how every cycle can just be a bit different to screw with your mind.  If spotting still has not shown up by tomorrow morning I will test.  I'm nervous about it and prepared for a bfn
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  • SP128SP128 member
    @vlagrl29 no spotting is def good. It's tomorrow morning!! Let us know. Fx for you. I have a good feeling. 
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  • well I had the tiniest spotting yesterday but it stopped and hasn't come back.  I'm wondering if that progesterone pill I took actually stopped the spotting.  Not sure.  I had a blue dye test and you could barely see the positive line, both DH and I had to squint and both agreed it was negative and probably the control line that would get darker if positive.  I'll probably get some more tests today with pink dye and test again on Monday if AF is not here.  That would put me at 16 dpo.  I had a friend tell me not to test until 18 dpo but my AF usually comes by then.
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  • @vlagrl29 Cautiously excited for you. Hopefully it's something good. 
  • We'll I bought a couple cheapie pink dye tests at dollar tree for tomorrow and Monday. Tiny little drop of spotting today. 
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  • I don't think I"m pregnant though.  we'll see
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