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Jlellis603 labor thread!

Yay they had a bed for me! Hoot hooked up with Pitocin around 3 and they just upped it. Last check I was 4cm ish. No contractions really but I did order a Belgian waffle so there's that. Will update when I can!

Re: Jlellis603 labor thread!

  • Hurray and good luck!
  • Yay, Goodluck @jlellis603 I hope everything goes smoothly and you don't feel any anxiety or worries now that you're there. :)
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  • Good luck!  And enjoy that waffle  :)
  • Good luck! Before you know it you'll have a baby! 
  • Awesome you're being taken care of! Good luck @jlellis603 ; :)

  • Good luck girly ! You got this!!

     <3 DD1- Aug11 <3 o:) Angel Baby- June13, said goodbye Oct12 o:) <3 DD2- Aug13 <3 <3 DD3- due Feb17 <3

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  • Good luck!
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  • Yaaay good luck and I hope you are holding that baby by now!!! :)
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  • @jlellis603. goodluck

    Did we end up having babies on the same day ??

  • Congratulations @jlellis603!!!!
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  • Congratulations! Hope youre both doing well! Xxx
  • Yay congrats!!!!!! :)
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  • What a cutie!! Congratulations! (I love the dino-feet) :)
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  • Congratulations! Such a cutie pie!
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • Congratulations!
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  • Thank is everyone! It's day 2.5 at home and it is the first time I feel caught up and not constantly trying to feed a baby haha. Can't wait to figure all of this out!
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