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GTKY: Tattoos

Any other tattooed mamas here? How many do you have? Share details and pics if you want! 

Re: GTKY: Tattoos

  • @Carebella I love that! I want to get my dogs paws one day
  • I have no tattoos, but wanted to comment how much I love yours @Carebella. It's beautiful and it made me cry. 
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  • Thanks at @mcdoug211! It was my first tattoo and I'm still debating if I want to get one for DS and one for my running  :) How bad was the tattoo on the toe???
  • Thank you @bridge-and-wall :) He was my first dog and incredibly special to me. Some days I still feel a little broken not having him here with me. But I remind myself he gets to chase all the squirrels and bunnies he wants, soak up the sun, and eat as much chicken and cottage cheese as he wants <3
  • I have two butterfly tattoos one on my ankle and one on my shoulder 
  • @Carebella It was nothing! He hit one spot that made my toe twitch but that was it lol I'm gonna get it retouched when I go in for my next 
  • I don't have any pictures of mine but I have 4. A shooting star on my hip, 4 leaf clover on my foot, and Compass star on the back of my neck and on my back I have a cross with angel wings coming off of it in honor of my sister - my guardian angel. 
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  • I have 2. First one is on my hip, it's the Chinese symbol for "strength" (well its supposed to be  :p), which now, since my 1st PG, has a big old stretch mark through it. Got it after a bad car accident I was in when I was 18. 2nd one is a flower on the inside of my foot which has now faded terribly and the outline is so wiggly bc I was shaking so bad. Both I regret, but oh well. Neither are too noticeable. 
  • @kaylaakosua I love yours. That bat is awesome! I don't have any but am thinking of some!
  • I have a shamrock on my right foot (Irish family and St Pat's bday). @amandarene112 I had an appointment to get going on a large back piece literally the day after we found out and had to cancel. Le sigh...
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  • @kaylaakosua I love yours. That bat is awesome! I don't have any but am thinking of some!
    Thanks, I love it so much but because it's on my back I never see it. Thinking of getting another bat.

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  • @kaylaakosua loving the bat. I really dig tattoos that are off beat like that.
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  • yasandsonyasandson
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    Seems like im late to everyparty!
    Got 5. Those are the 3 most recent ones. 
  • mandt0917mandt0917
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    I have 5 total I guess but this is the most recent. Shaded/outlined roses half sleeve, the word Uruguay on my hip, Roman numerals on my ribcage, a crown on my wrist, and the half owl. Only some of my tattoos have meanings, others don't I still like them though. Also, my Husband does/used to do tattoos and he's done all of mine
  • mrs14678mrs14678
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    Just got my 1/4 sleeve "finished" this month (yes. While pregnant. It's totally fine.... I have a lengthy explanation if sanctimommies want to argue). When we are done having kids, I'll add smaller goldfish to continue as a half or full sleeve. Haven't decided yet.

    The one on my ankle is support tattoo for my husband's job. 

    I have Tolkien's drawing of Smaug on my upper back but I don't have a picture. It was my first and it's kind of crooked....haha! 

    I cant wait to get more they're so addicting. But they're too expensive to get regularly! 
  • I don't have any yet, but I really want to get this as my first

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  • Top left I got when I was 17 (2007) on the 10th anniversary of my Mothers passing. 
    Top right is my newest in Sept 2016. I am obsessed with rocket ships.
    Bottom left is my Mother's signature.  I got it Feb 2016 from an old letter she had written my father. 
    Bottom right is a bat on the bottom of my neck / top of my spine.  I'm obsessed with bats.  I got that March 2016 in Austin, TX bat capital of the world. 

    I cannot wait to get more after having baby.  FI os covered in tattoos and I'm in love with them.  
    Ok I LOVE the signature one, so very special! My sister and I have my dads "I love you, daddy" signature from a card he wrote us before he passed, engraved on bracelets and were just waiting to go get this tattooed on. 

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  • I'm so late sharing here. I have 2 one on my shoulder and one on my ankle. The one on my ankle is the same as my brother and sister.
  • I have two large tattoos, would like more, but I'm cheap and good tattoos are not. One is a pansy orchid on one side of my back and it stretches from bikini line to bra line. The other is art nouveaux inspired and is a mixture of flora and fauna. It starts at my spine covering my shoulder blade and shoulder cap.
  • I have just 1 on my back of my neck (just a word). I got it in my mid 20's was just looking up what was recommended to get it retouched at some point as some of it has faded over the years. Has anyone here gotten a tattoo touched up? 
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    January 2016-October 2016: Letrozole 2.5mg-7.5 mg, Pregyl or Ovideral Trigger Shot.
    9 cycles of IUI
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    IUI # 2 June 2016 and July 2016:  Met 1000, Estrogen (21 days), Progesterone (5 days) Femera 5m 6/28/16 Ultrasound CD14 = 25 follie. Pregnyl Trigger CD14 IUI 7/13 1stBeta (DPO 15): 7.6 (Surprise BFP...but Low #'s) 2ndBeta (DPO 17): 18 3rdBeta (DPO 19) 52.8 Progesterone Prescribed (spotting) 4thBeta (DPO 26) 6.9 Chemical Pregnancy BFN

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    Fet #1 January 2017: CCRM - Minneapolis bcp/lupron/suppository/p4 in oil QOD AF 12/7, 12/8 start meds. 1/3 lining and blood work check 14/15 mm, BW check 1/6. 1/9 transfer with acupuncture 1 CCS/PGS Normal 5aa hatching Progesterone around 26ish? Lower estrogen level 207 (wanted above 300 but over 200 was acceptable), started 1 estrace, progesterone in oil every other day, vivelle dot patches 4 every other day, 3x estrodiol daily, vitamin cocktail. POAS: - 4dp5dt and 5dp5dt, 6dp5dt frer very very very faint line. 7dp5dt and 8dp5dt + on Accuclear. 8dp5dt pregnant on a clear blue easy digital. 214 pounds at FET
    1/18 #1 Beta 91.1
    1/20 #2 Beta 215.9
    2/3 6 week US 2 sacs? Twins? but only 1 heartbeat/pole good heartbeat Stopped taking baby asprin Added in DHEA Veg Vitamin (also got the report that they transferred a girl 5aa eggo) 
    2/10 7 week US 2 sacs (likely vanishing twin) only 1 heartbeat/pole etc good heartbeat 137
    2/24 9 week US 1 eggo sac good heart beat 182 1 very small fluid sac (shrinking) 
    2/24 9 week 2 days start weening. Graduated from RE (CCRM is now starting weening as soon as 8.5 weeks)
    3/7 10 Weeks 5 days  weened completely of FET meds A1C 5.3% (Normal)
    3/9 11 Weeks 1 day my progesterone level was 15 and my estrogen level was 881 (I freaked out!)
    3/16 12 Weeks 1 day baby heard on doppler 164 HB
    4/14 16 week 2 days Ultrasound baby is looking good with all good numbers sized 17 weeks. Also got to hear her on the doppler for a few mins too. 

    5/5 19 Weeks 2 days going in for "20" week anatomy ultrasound got measurements but need to come back as wasn't able to get all the measurements
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 4.6 cm 19 weeks 6 days* (78%) HC 17.0 cm 19 weeks 4 days* (70%) AC 14.5 cm 19 weeks 4 days* (69%) Femur 3.1 cm 19 weeks 6 days* (63%) Humerus 3.1 cm 20 weeks 2 days (84%) Cerebellum 2.0 cm 19 weeks 5 days
    CisternaMagna 6.2 mm Nuchal Fold 4.5 mm
    HC/AC 1.17 FL/AC 0.22 FL/BPD 0.68 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 309 grams - 0 lbs 11 oz
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 19 weeks 5 days +/- 10 days.

    6/9 24 Weeks 2 days Glucose Test 1 hour (Failed) 190
    6/16 25 Weeks 2 days Ultrasound and 1st Baby Shower 
    6/20 25 Weeks 6 days Glucose Test 3 Hours (Failed) 95 (95), 183 (180), 213 (155), 198 (140) etc
    6/21 26 Weeks Recommended to a perintologist
    6/22 26 Weeks 1 day start monitoring blood sugar levels 
    6/30 27 Weeks 2 day A1 (blood sugar test ordered)

    7/5 28 Weeks Echo and 3d Ultrasound
    AMNIOTIC FLUID Q1: 2.6 Q2: 3.2 Q3: 4.8 Q4: 5.6 AFI Total = 16.3 cm Amniotic Fluid: Normal 
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 7.2 cm 28 weeks 5 days* (60%) HC 26.4 cm 28 weeks 4 days* (48%) AC 23.3 cm 27 weeks 4 days* (36%) Femur 5.2 cm 28 weeks 0 days* (36%) Humerus 4.8 cm 28 weeks 0 days (49%)
    HC/AC 1.13 FL/AC 0.23 FL/BPD 0.73 Ceph Index 0.77 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 1142 grams - 2 lbs 8 oz (37%)
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 28 weeks 1 day +/- 14 days.

    7/10 28 Weeks 5 days Dietitian Appt and Lactatcian Consultant and A1 blood draw 5.4% (normal) 218.5 pounds
    7/20 30 Weeks GD consult. 6 Lantus at 7pm daily. Novolog 1 unit for every 15 gm carbohydrate if consumed more than 30 gm at brkfst or 60 gm at lunch or supper 215.6 pounds
    7/20 30 Weeks Transferred care to OB due to high risk. 216 pounds

    8/2 32 Weeks Ultrasound (not cooperative and still breech) and then weekly NST's
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 8.0 cm 32 weeks 2 days* (44%) HC 29.2 cm 31 weeks 6 days* (22%) AC 26.9 cm 31 weeks 0 days* (24%)  Femur 6.3 cm 32 weeks 2 days* (57%) Humerus 5.7 cm 32 weeks 6 days (71%)
    HC/AC 1.08 FL/AC 0.23 FL/BPD 0.78 Ceph Index 0.78 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 1808 grams - 3 lbs 15 oz (29%)
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 31 weeks 6 days +/- 18 days.
    AMNIOTIC FLUID Q1: 3.4 Q2: 2.9 Q3: 2.9 Q4: 4.4 AFI Total = 13.6 cm Amniotic Fluid: Normal

    8/8 32w6d upped to 1:10 for dinner 
    8/11 Baby Shower
    8/13 Baby Shower
    8/16 34 weeks NST good reading Upped to 8 at bed for fasting and 1:7 for dinner 
    8/18 Dr Appt

    8/24 35 weeks 1 day (was suppose to be scheduled for 36 weeks) Weeks Ultrasound/GD Dr Appt/OB Appt 
    Frank Breech
    MEASUREMENTS BPD 8.9 cm 35 weeks 6 days* (67%) HC 31.7 cm 35 weeks 1 day * (35%) AC 30.2 cm 34 weeks 2 days* (33%) Femur 6.9 cm 34 weeks 6 days* (57%) Humerus 6.0 cm 34 weeks 6 days (64%)
    HC/AC 1.05 FL/AC 0.23 FL/BPD 0.78 Ceph Index 0.80 EFW (Ac/Fl/Hc) 2494 grams - 5 lbs 8 oz (39%)
    THE AVERAGE GESTATIONAL AGE is 35 weeks 1 day +/- 21 days.
    AMNIOTIC FLUID Q1: 3.3 Q2: 3.8 Q3: 2.4 Q4: 3.8 AFI Total = 13.4 cm Amniotic Fluid: Normal

    8/31 36 Weeks
    9/7 37 Weeks
    9/10 Water broke...I got it tested at the emergency room it it showed it was negative. More water breaking and didn't go to the dr.
    9/11 37 weeks 4 days Called the Dr and got retested for water breaking...
    10:30pmish Baby Girl Born via Emergency C Section (Frank Breech Baby) 6lbs 3oz 
    9/13 38 weeks

    9/22 39 Weeks 2 days C Section Scheduled for 10am (arrive at 8am) Equinox/Solstice
    EDD 9/27
  • labby18labby18
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    @BecauseLove yes. I had one touched up bc i had an allergic reaction to the lotion they gave me and it ruined the tattoo. I went back to a different artist to add color and touch it up, i love it more now. He did mention that if i went back to the original artist he'd probably touch it up for free.

    Eta words...

  • @BecauseLove I haven't had any of mine touched up but the artist who did my back does Free touch ups for life on all of his work. 
    Also @labby18 what did they give you to put on it?! DH and I have used aquaphor on all of ours and they heal up awesome. You're not allergic to that are you? I've also heard A&D ointment works. Never ever Vaseline tho!
  • @wyomama0427 it was like my 2nd tattoo...8 years ago. I think it was something called black kat idk. I use lubiderm or aquaform for my 1st tat and all others. That time i decided to just go with what the guy gave me, he was obviously just pushing a product.

  • Oh I hate when they push stuff at you. Like no thanks I've got a giant tub of aquaphor at home that will suffice lol! Anyone had experience with that tattoo removing lotion wrecking balm? I've got a stupid little heart tattoo on my hip I'd like to get rid of lol
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