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GTKY: Tattoos

Any other tattooed mamas here? How many do you have? Share details and pics if you want! 

Re: GTKY: Tattoos

  • @Carebella I love that! I want to get my dogs paws one day
  • I have no tattoos, but wanted to comment how much I love yours @Carebella. It's beautiful and it made me cry. 
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  • Thanks at @mcdoug211! It was my first tattoo and I'm still debating if I want to get one for DS and one for my running  :) How bad was the tattoo on the toe???
  • Thank you @bridge-and-wall :) He was my first dog and incredibly special to me. Some days I still feel a little broken not having him here with me. But I remind myself he gets to chase all the squirrels and bunnies he wants, soak up the sun, and eat as much chicken and cottage cheese as he wants <3
  • I have two butterfly tattoos one on my ankle and one on my shoulder 
  • @Carebella It was nothing! He hit one spot that made my toe twitch but that was it lol I'm gonna get it retouched when I go in for my next 
  • I don't have any pictures of mine but I have 4. A shooting star on my hip, 4 leaf clover on my foot, and Compass star on the back of my neck and on my back I have a cross with angel wings coming off of it in honor of my sister - my guardian angel. 
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  • I have 2. First one is on my hip, it's the Chinese symbol for "strength" (well its supposed to be  :p), which now, since my 1st PG, has a big old stretch mark through it. Got it after a bad car accident I was in when I was 18. 2nd one is a flower on the inside of my foot which has now faded terribly and the outline is so wiggly bc I was shaking so bad. Both I regret, but oh well. Neither are too noticeable. 
  • @kaylaakosua I love yours. That bat is awesome! I don't have any but am thinking of some!
  • I have a shamrock on my right foot (Irish family and St Pat's bday). @amandarene112 I had an appointment to get going on a large back piece literally the day after we found out and had to cancel. Le sigh...
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  • @kaylaakosua I love yours. That bat is awesome! I don't have any but am thinking of some!
    Thanks, I love it so much but because it's on my back I never see it. Thinking of getting another bat.

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  • @kaylaakosua loving the bat. I really dig tattoos that are off beat like that.
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  • SayaSaSayaSa member
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    Seems like im late to everyparty!
    Got 5. Those are the 3 most recent ones. 
  • manalus1220manalus1220 member
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    I have 5 total I guess but this is the most recent. Shaded/outlined roses half sleeve, the word Uruguay on my hip, Roman numerals on my ribcage, a crown on my wrist, and the half owl. Only some of my tattoos have meanings, others don't I still like them though. Also, my Husband does/used to do tattoos and he's done all of mine
  • ArielleReneArielleRene member
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    Just got my 1/4 sleeve "finished" this month (yes. While pregnant. It's totally fine.... I have a lengthy explanation if sanctimommies want to argue). When we are done having kids, I'll add smaller goldfish to continue as a half or full sleeve. Haven't decided yet.

    The one on my ankle is support tattoo for my husband's job. 

    I have Tolkien's drawing of Smaug on my upper back but I don't have a picture. It was my first and it's kind of crooked....haha! 

    I cant wait to get more they're so addicting. But they're too expensive to get regularly! 
  • I don't have any yet, but I really want to get this as my first

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  • Top left I got when I was 17 (2007) on the 10th anniversary of my Mothers passing. 
    Top right is my newest in Sept 2016. I am obsessed with rocket ships.
    Bottom left is my Mother's signature.  I got it Feb 2016 from an old letter she had written my father. 
    Bottom right is a bat on the bottom of my neck / top of my spine.  I'm obsessed with bats.  I got that March 2016 in Austin, TX bat capital of the world. 

    I cannot wait to get more after having baby.  FI os covered in tattoos and I'm in love with them.  
    Ok I LOVE the signature one, so very special! My sister and I have my dads "I love you, daddy" signature from a card he wrote us before he passed, engraved on bracelets and were just waiting to go get this tattooed on. 

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