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5 Things Friday

What's brightening your mood at the end of this week?

Not sure who originally started/thought of this thread, sorry if I have been hijacking you each week!
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Re: 5 Things Friday

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  • @wagnerw you're overly ambitious! 6 things! Good for you!
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  • 1. This table I wanted for the nursery was on sale this week, so I bought it! It came in along with the mobile and little storage baskets.  Then I finally unpacked the bookcase, unrolled the rug, and now that the boxes are out - I can see that the nursery is really coming together. 

    2. It was 80 yesterday, so I got I wore a tank top and sandals on my daily walk. It was really wonderful.

    3. After my licensure advancement request was rejected, it looks like it should go through this time...so yay not getting fired at the end of this semester! 

    4. We went to the opening night of a friend's restaurant last night. It was packed, the food was good, and she looked very happy. 

    5. We are getting new laptops next semester and one of the choices is a Mac. We are a Mac family. Right now I just don't use the laptop the school gave me mostly because it's junky. If I got a Mac from the school, it would make my life so, so, so, so much better. Keep your fingers crossed that my colleagues make the right choice! 
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  • 1. It's been 70 degrees for the last three days. After two huge snow storms last week it's soooo nice to air out the house and get out with DD

    2.  Started my freezer meal stash by doubling what I've been making for dinner. Have a lasagna and a unstuffed peppers casserole so far

    3. Sale at target means I can use my completion discount on top of the 10% off sale.. yay!

    4.  We're finally getting ahead on our bills and have started paying down our debt.

    5. Going out with some friends for lunch tomorrow

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