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Public transportation and morning sickness

Hello Ladies,

I live in Philadelphia, PA and take public transit to work. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and had my first case of morning sickness yesterday. Luckily, it happened at work and I was able to get to the bathroom in time.  My concern is how I will handle this if it should happen during my commute. How have you dealt with it? My husband suggested I carry a plastic bag just in case I need it.  I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to hold it in before getting off the train. BTW this is my first pregnancy, so this is all new to me! Any suggestions would help :smile:

Re: Public transportation and morning sickness

  • I had really bad morning sickness when I was pregnant as well, but fortunately I was always able to make it off the train.  I would get off as soon as I started feeling ill and sit on a bench for a little while until it passed.  My commute basically doubled,but I was never sick on the train.  Also, if your trains have seats, I found that sitting was easier than standing
  • I never had to ride a train when I was PG with my first, but my husband had a huge truck, and I drove a huge van for the lady I worked for and both made me feel motion sick. I used to suck on peppermint altoids when I was driving or riding. The strong minty smell/taste seemed to help curb the strong waves of nausea. I also sometimes kept a bottle of peppermint oil handy since the smell helped so much. 
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    Poor thing. I found ginger gummies (from CVS) and Sour Patch Kids staved off MS for a good 20 minutes.  Wouldn't clear it completely but could be used in a pinch. Good luck. 
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  • I can't tell you all the places I've spewed over the course of my pregnancies. I definitely wouldn't extend my commute by getting off a train to puke though - I'd bring a baggie and a shawl and sit somewhere discreet ;)

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