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  • We had an anatomy scan done Tuesday. We did our reveal yesterday, which was a surprise to us too so we didn't get to see the anatomy picture until after the party. We found out we are having a boy. (this is our second child, first was a boy as well). We were hoping for a girl but it's no biggie. The thing is, looking at the sonogram photo we noticed it does not look right. It looks like its way too big to be a boy part. Our son's anatomy scan and every other boy anatomy scan I've seen has been pretty consistent. This looks more like it might actually be the umbilical cord? We are requesting a new scan to be certain. I had read some stories of the umbilical cord being mistaken for boy parts. Have any of you had that experience? I'm not saying it's not a boy but I'm pretty sure that it's his umbilical cord in the picture. He was moving the whole time and she had a really hard time getting any good pictures. 
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