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WTF wednesday 2/22

Me when people tell me I'm definitely going early...

meme memes okay viola davis by

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Re: WTF wednesday 2/22

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  • @pammasu0909 oh my gosh! There's no way I would be able to do that. When do they think it will be back on? 

    @doozenberg yeah--lunch room conversation at work especially. I've decided if I'm tired of it I just turn around and try to change the subject with a question about the other person and see if they can go on for awhile about themselves. Sometimes it works. But I've decided that it's just gonna be the norm, and then later I'm gonna have to fight to talk about things other than "how are the kids?" Sigh. 
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  • @rachelmiller03 Girl you CRAY!!!! And sometimes you don't have to retake your picture to renew your license... Hopefully not this time for you anyways. :)
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  • I already posted this in the wednesday ticker change, but it felt good to rant a bit, so I'll do it again.
    Is anyone else finding that all anyone wants to talk to you about is pregnancy? I was at my sister's on the weekend and ALL my mom and two sisters talked about was pregnancy and labour and delivery. Then we met with some of my sister's friends, and that's ALL they talked about around me. I eventually left because I was so tired of it. I get that it's something that a lot of women have in common, but c'mon I don't want to talk about it ALL THE TIME. I'm still me! I still have other interests. I don't need to hear how terrible your labour pains were or about how my hooha can rip. There's nothing I can do! 
    This is mine, too. Like, what did you talk to me about before I was pregnant? 
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