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Anyone here age 35+?

Just wondering. I'm 35 (will turn 36 right before my due date). This will be my second and I just am feeling old. All my friends have been done having kids for years. I checked out the "Pregnant after 35" board but it seems quite slow. 

Re: Anyone here age 35+?

  • I will be 35 in about a month, so I will be 35 for most of the pregnancy. I feel old too (had 1st baby at 33). I feel like there are pros and cons to being an older/younger mom though, don't you think?
  • I'm 35 and will be 36 in April! Officially "high risk" :hushed:

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    I turned 35 a week after getting my positive test. This will be my first kid - most of my friends are on to their second.

  • I am 40~! My oldest is a freshman, youngest is 3rd grade ----my friends mostly the ones my age are long past having kids- 
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    @ssmama34217 - right, I think the pros are that I was on the fence for a long time about having a second kid. So I waited until I was ready. The cons are that I am just soooooo tired. But maybe I'd be tired even if I weren't 35.

    @deadasthatsquirrel lol at your gif!
  • 40 here! Will be 41 when this baby comes. DD is 6.  Officially "of advanced maternal age". Yikes!
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    Yup, 36 over here. DS is 2.5. A lot of my friends have their kids in mid 30s so I don't feel old at /

    @deadasthatsquirrel hilarious! I love the GG

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    I'm 40,will be 41 when I deliver. 
    I have a 8,7,2 and 1 year old as well, it's like I wasn't fertile until I hit 30!
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  • Turning 39 in a couple weeks! This is my first and I do thank goodness that most of my close friends, though they all have had two kids already, aren't that far ahead of me. Most had their kids in the early to mid 30's also. I always just told them I was waiting for their kids to get to babysitting age before I went ahead with ours :D
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  • I am 37, this is my fifth.  Most of our friends that have kids had them when we had our first.  None right now are pregnant.
  • Me!!!  36 with my 3rd. Other kids are 5 & 9. Both boys will be having birthdays before this baby comes and so will I. 37 with an infant sounds scary, but I'm sure it'll be great!  I think we'll tell family in 2 weeks after second u/s. 
  • I'm 35 and this will be my first. I'll be 36 by the time the baby comes. Most of our friends have 1-2 kids already so I guess you could say we are the "late bloomers" of the group!
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  • I'm 36. This will be our second but barely any of our friends have even started havin babies yet!
  • I'm 38. This is my second. I had my first when I was 35. 

    On my last BMB, I was one of two or three 35+ ladies. I'm glad to see there are so many of us here!
  • I'm 38 and this will be my first pregnancy! We've been trying for almost 2 years.  Feeling old but my mom had my brother when she was 40 and I have a coworker who had her daughter (naturally) at 48! So these days it seems women can give birth at any age!
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    FET #1: Baseline appt 4/28/16, Gonal-F/Menopur stims, Centrotide 5/4/16, ER 5/11/16; 6/8/16 ET, BFN
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    FET #3: Baseline appt 12/28/16, Estrace/PIO shots: 1/17/17 ET, 1st beta 1/27/17: 146 BFP, 2nd beta 1/29/17: 336, 1st U/S: 2/16/17, 2 healthy twin babies measuring 7w0d.  EDD: 10/5/17
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  • 38 over here. For my first I was 36. Being pregnant at 38 and an almost 2 year old is killing me!!
  • I'll be 35 in 3 weeks and had my DD when I was 33. I don't regret waiting at all, as my husband and I had the time of our lives in our late 20's/early 30's! I feel like we waited until it was the right time for us, not when all our other friends/family were having them!
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    I turned 35 yesterday. This is will be my second, our LO turned 2 on Valentines  Day. 

    The bulk of my friends are in their baby making  years. It feels reassuring to have friends in the same stage of life, esp since we waited till 'later in life.' And TBH, I was nowhere ready even a few years ago. 

  • I turn 38 in June.  I have a daughter that was born when I was 32-years-old.
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  • @Designmamauk Happy Belated Birthday!

  • @Knottie1448927774 do I remember you from Dec15/Jan16? My girl turned 1 on Jan 5 :)

  • I'm also an ama golden girl. 35, expecting #6. My oldest is in high school so we've got quite a range. 
  • Finally, others in this category!
    I'm 42, will be 43 when due. This is our first and we didn't start trying until a little over a year ago.

  • Hooray!! So happy to read everyone's responses! :)
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    Hi all-I'm 40 and he's 44. Good to see all of you here! Baby is due around my birthday so we'll see what happens. This is our third pregnancy in 5 years but first baby. Crossing all our fingers and toes. It's been a long road. 
  • Hi everyone! I'm 36, pregnant with my 3rd.... my two daughters are 12 and 8 - everyone assumes this baby was a surprise but we wanted one more :-) Ginger-beer cheers!
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    Me too! @aliciaash79 Glad I'm not alone 
  • I'm 35 and my birthday is in September so will be 36 when the baby is born. This is our first. Glad to see others posting who started at 35ish and had more than one child. We are probably one and done but keeping our options open.  
  • I will be 35 in August and my due date is October 5th. I had my first child when I was 31. Glad to see this post. As soon as you hit 35, you fall in to this bracket of high risk. So annoying but I guess taking precaution is good.
  • Should we have a weekly 35+ check-in or something fun to keep this going?

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  • @lola4411 yes I was thinking the same thing! I'll be sure and do some check-ins. Would love to keep up with you ladies!
  • I'm 37 turning 38 and this is my first. I'll be 5 months pregnant at my 20 year high school reunion.  :o
  • Hi ladies, I am 37 my Hubby is 32. This is our second baby, our son is 16 months old. Most of our friends either have older kids or none at all. Happy to see so many mamas in my age range!
  • Hi ladies I'm 38 and DH is 39 we will be 39 and 40 when the baby is born.  This is our second DD turned 9 earlier this month.  Happy to see so many in this age range.  A couple of my close friends just had their second as well so don't feel that far behind everyone.  

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