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Have you tasted breastmilk?

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I'm on baby 3 and have never tasted the breastmilk. Sometimes I am curious about it just because, but yet I haven't brought myself to try it. I am curious how many of us have tried it before. I made it a poll to keep everyone anonymous but if you're not shy and you tried it, tell me what your reaction/thoughts were. 

Have you tasted breastmilk? 59 votes

33% 20 votes
32% 19 votes
Not yet, but I will
22% 13 votes
No, and I never will
11% 7 votes
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Re: Have you tasted breastmilk?

  • Voted not yet but I will. I see no reason not to!

  • Yes I've tasted it with both other kids. Dh has as well. I don't think it's bad. Kind of sweet tasting. Reminds me of like vanilla almond milk for a comparison. I didn't like straight up drink it- just like oh here's three drops on my nipple shield with ds, put it on my finger and taste. 
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  • I haven't tasted it. A part of me is curious and a part of me is also grossed out. I don't know why I'm grossed out by it, I mean if it's good enough for DD to eat, then I shouldn't be an issue for me lol. I probably won't try though. 
  • DH and I have both tried it to see what DD is eating. Neither of us could really pinpoint a taste, which surprised me because I've always heard it was sweet. Like the quote in Friends where they said it tasted like cantaloupe juice, but mine didn't taste like that so I don't know 
  • I have no interest. Not grossed out by it but I'm just not that curious I guess.
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  • H and I have both tried it, just out of curiosity.

    @yogadevil this poll immediately made me think of Friends too, though I don't think it tastes like cantaloupe juice either...
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  • I think I will when we start using bottles...  Seems like the easiest way to clean up any drops I put on my arm for temperature tests.  Plus, I am kind of curious.

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  • Just a lick here and there off of a finger or if I am dripping, lol.
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