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krob AW thread **UPDATED W/ BIRTH STORY**

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 Major Sai joined us yesterday 2.17.17 at 22:17. Weighing 7lbs2oz

Labor story is too long hopefully I will share more later once I have processed it all. But all total I was in labor for right at 24 hours. 

Was tried to be coerced into an induction, signed out of hospital AMA, went into active labor on car ride home. Progressed quickly but then went with the epidural. Labored for 14 hours. Then 21 minutes of pushing and he was here!!!!

So overjoyed that little man is healthy and as far as I am concerned just beautiful. 

Me: 36, H: 37
FTM, 2 Furbabies
married 03/17/07
lived in Houston, Austin, Los Angeles and NYC
due: 2/15/17
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Re: krob AW thread **UPDATED W/ BIRTH STORY**

  • Congratulations, he is adorable.  I'm sorry you had to deal with everything you did but  glad  everyone is happy and healthy!
  • @krob I'm so glad you went into labor on your own- I know that was important to you. Congratulations! Major is adorable and all that hair!!! Those cheeks! 
  • Congratulations!! He is just so handsome! You are a beautiful family.
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  • Congrats! He is adorable!
  • He is so handsome @krob! So glad he's finally here and hope you are enjoying getting to know him. 

  • Congrats!  He is beautiful

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  • Congratulations! He is so adorable!
  • That face! <3   Way to do things on your own time little buddy. 
  • Congratulations @krob!!! 

  • Congrats!!! Beautiful family  :)
  • Love his little face! Congrats!! 
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  • Oh my such a cutie! Congratulations @krob
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  • Congrats - very handsome fellow!
  • Congratulations, he's absolutely adorable!
  • Congratulations!!! 
  • Congratulation!! Look at all that hair! He's just adorable. You got such a beautiful first family photo!! I hope you're getting all the sweet snuggles! :) 
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  • Congratulations @krob!! He is adorable and I love the pic of all 3 of you! What a gorgeous family!!
  • Congratulations,  he is adorable!  I caught all the numbers in your post that were 2 or 7 or 17!
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  • Big congratulations! Major is gorgeous! Hope youre all doing well despite the traumatic birth! Xxx
  • Congrats! What a handsome squish!
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  • Gosh he's cute!!! Congrats and welcome to the world baby Major!
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  • FerForShortFerForShort
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    Oh he is adorable! Congratulations!!
  • Congratulations @krob ! He looks absolutely precious(all that hair!), and I love that family photo of all of you!

  • Yaaay @krob you made it!!! Major is perfect! Congratulations!
  • Congratulations! Good choice on the date ;)

    Major looks adorable! And you look great!
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  • Congrats and goodness look at all that hair!! So cute 

  • Oh @krob that hospital and staff sounds soooo infuriating. I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy (if you can "enjoy" labor) labor and delivery the way you had hoped for. I think you're pretty awesome for putting up with so much BS. But your baby is a doll... and I still can't believe all that hair! 
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  • Thanks for sharing your story!  After having a baby, I don't know if I'll ever tire of hearing about all the different paths the LO's take to get here.
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  • I was going to be that person to lecture you on car seat clips but you probably weren't even in a car :pensive:

    i cant believe what a shit show your hospital was.  I was so excited to go drug free with my first and ended up on every drug possible. It feels like you did all that work for fate to laugh at you 
  • @PerraSucia we weren't in a car. but please lecture away. we know absolutely nothing about car seats and haven't done much research because we will rarely be in one. Please tell me everything I need to know or send links. 
    Me: 36, H: 37
    FTM, 2 Furbabies
    married 03/17/07
    lived in Houston, Austin, Los Angeles and NYC
    due: 2/15/17
  • this is like the best resource possible for car seat anything. But @homemake pointed out all the stuff in the photo :)
  • thanks guys!! I figured about the outfit. it looks puffier than it actually is. mostly it's way too big. but yeah we won't wear it in car seat again. 

    straps we had no clue about. thanks for the info!
    Me: 36, H: 37
    FTM, 2 Furbabies
    married 03/17/07
    lived in Houston, Austin, Los Angeles and NYC
    due: 2/15/17
  • I love the little outfit (I bought the same one in gray, even though I know he will only get to wear it like twice if I am lucky) and just one last note for the car seat- even if you are not in a car its best to have baby properly buckled, as its a risk for positional asphyxiation if they can slide to a side or down. It's great that he won't be in one much- without being in a base (in the car or in a stroller) to be at the proper level a car seat isn't actually very safe
  • I also have that same puffy outfit in pink. :) 
    However Scarlett is tiny and the thing would swallow her whole, and it's mid February but outside its 65°+ so it's not looking like she'll be needing it anytime soon anyway. 
    Congratulations on your sweet little boy, he's beyond perfect! <3
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  • krob said:
    @kswiger06 actually the best way to describe it is I was able to enjoy my labor "in spite of". They really tried to ruin it tho! LOL

    @MLRocha it is pretty incredible how each one has his own path. 
    Do you really believe this or are you kidding? 
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    Our primary NICU nurse is the only reason we learned anything hands on about car seats. I was kind of shocked at the lack of hospital-provided education, but I guess maybe informing people is beyond their scope or a liability. 

    ETA thank you for sharing your birth story! I got frustrated by the delays even reading it...I couldn't imagine experiencing those delays! Seemed like a "hurry up and wait" situation. And not having the frustrating!

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