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Does this flow?

Does Car.son Ar.nold flow? Does the beginning sounds rhyming bother you? I tend to like surnames as first names, but any ending in -er don't work. Is Carson out too, or am I just overthinking?

Re: Does this flow?

  • It's not awful. I think i get a little hung up on the n's when saying it out loud. Beckett, Grady, Stuart, Wallace, Ramsey, Brady or Mitchell?
  • Not the best flow but not awful.

    If it's fn mn I wouldn't think twice if it's fn ln I would keep exploring but if this was still a favorite I would keep it. 

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  • I agree that if it's a fn-mn, it's not the worst, but there might be better options out there. Have you tried saying it out loud a few times? How do you think it sounds to your ear?
  • It's not great. I just can't find the right boy name this time. I like Brady, but DH has vetoed it.
  • I really like Carson. The flow is okay. So long as if all flows with your last name, Id say it's fine. Are you committed to Arnold as a middle?
  • Arnold is our ln. Pretty sure it's out.
  • I wouldn't do it with ln Arnold.  Not terrible but if you're not sold on Carson I would keep looking. 

    Mason Arnold
    Lawrence Arnold
    Maxwell Arnold
    Camden Arnold
    Cameron Arnold
    Bennett Arnold
    Ronan Arnold

  • I don't particularly like it. 
  • I think it's fine TBH. 
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  • I think it's fine. Flow isn't amazing but it's not so bad to eliminate the name completely, especially if you're struggling. I'd keep it on your list.

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