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  • @lund wtf?! Mind blown. I can't even.
    @JulesDP I am just going to say it again, wtf to what he said to you?! I can't even begin to tell you how many times that happens to me. Oh and the random "You're so much prettier when you smile". 

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  • @JulesDP What the heck? Why do men always say that crap - you look mad, smile more? Screw that guy. I get that at the gym all the time, when I am lifting weights and listening to rock music. No, I am not here to smile at you - go away. 

    @adirat Girl, I would have probably said a few choice words to him. Sorry you deal with jerk commuters. 

    @jess0211 Sorry about FB - that is one of the reasons I do not go on there that much. 
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  • @lund @JulesDP ; @adirat ; seriously, wtf? And people think sexism isn't a thing anymore....

    My WTF is to myself. I am such a competitive human and I need to stop. Its unhealthy to my mental state.
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  • @50Wife I hear ya. All the hugs.

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  • @MTgirlCOworld major props to you for not throwing your food. I hate it when men say that.  They have no clue. I see it all the time. It's even more obvious to me bc DH and I work for the same organization and the gap is very very obvious 

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  • @FLAshley can you elaborate on the baking soda finger? I googled but I'm terrified of what came up lol
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  • @50wife Sorry you are going through that - lots of hugs.
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    4/22/17: BFP #1!!!

  • Yes!  To all of that @JulesDP  good luck, girl!
  • Wtf town and local nuclear power plant. They're testing alarms today but didn't send out the normal warning email so when it started going off I almost crapped my pants and ran. Thankfully a quick google search calmed my nerves. 
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  • @adirat Yeah, I think if other commuters realize what's going on, they generally try to help. I'm glad they all helped you that one time! Like @eggplantface, I mostly just get shaken up and cry. I always wish I had a better reaction or snappy comeback, haha.
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    October/November 2017 - FET 11/2. CP.  :'(
    January 2018 - Second opinion and changed clinics
    February/March 2018 - IVF #2 - 19 retrieved, 15 mature, 13 fertilized (ICSI), 5 to blast. 1 fresh transfer, 4 frozen. CP. :'(
    March 2018 - RPL and other additional testing
  • @hartmich I actually feel soooo much better knowing that I am not the only one who sits and waits to see if someone drinks! It is always such a relief once I see them with a glass, and then I feel like a crazy woman.

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  • @pinky917 yeah then I feel bad because I hope they aren't struggling or anything but... This process makes me very selfish. 

  • I can't even handle this thread today. 
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  • I am driving through town (in kind of a sketchy part) and there was a hand made sign at an intersection that read "Chinese Massage. Free Shower" with a phone number.  All I could think was Eeeeeeeewwwwwwww.

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  • I had a guy...Google himself next to me on the train once when I was on my way to grad school. A very kind teenager rescued me. 
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    Married: 6/2016
    TTC #1: 12/2016
    Benched due to deployment- Off the bench 8/8/17!

  • I am driving through town (in kind of a sketchy part) and there was a hand made sign at an intersection that read "Chinese Massage. Free Shower" with a phone number.  All I could think was Eeeeeeeewwwwwwww.
    I once was about to send in my application for an administrative assistant position but I always google the companies first.  Good thing I did - this was a rub and tug kind of place.  They were a "Massage Parlour" that offered various ethnicities of lovely ladies for you to enjoy. Cringe. 
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  • Lotsa misogyny and rudeness up in here! Sorry you all are going through that! I can't even complain about anything after reading about "too many women" on a committee and getting hit on and crazy exes. Whew. 

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