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WTF Wednesday 2/15

I legitimately thought it was Thursday until about 5 minutes ago....

robin williams jumanji what year is it

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Re: WTF Wednesday 2/15

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  • @HGRich People commenting on size drives me nuts!! My first pregnancy everyone commented on how I needed to eat more and was too small - Im also 6ft tall so there's a lot of room to stretch out in there. Now my second pregnancy all I get nonstop is "you're not making it to April", "that baby must be huge how are you going to get him out", "are you sure it's only one baby?"... so frustrating! I will say the second time around I'm a lot better at making fun/inappropriate comments back that make them stop pretty quickly. But it's definitely hard sometimes to not let it freak you out a little. 
  • Excellent GIF choice, I'm still chuckling. WTF DS, why do you have a 6th sense to when I get up to pee in the middle of the night and choose that time to refuse to go back to sleep in your own bed? I'm really tired of peeling you off of me all night long and this won't fly when your baby brother is here.
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