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  • stokesm21 said:
    I know people hate it when the UO thread is bumped so I decided to "bitch" instead (I'm apparently on a roll this week haha!) 

    I can't freaking STAND it when people post their V-day gifts on Facebook.  Ugh.  It just perpetuates all the reasons why I freaking hate Valentine's Day.  Can nothing be private anymore?!  *sigh* 
    Yesssssssss.......I refuse to ever do that to any gift I get. So tacky and show boating isn't my style!! It's all over Snapchat, too. My SIL lines all her kids gifts up and takes their picture on Christmas morning...then posts it on Facebook?!?!?! With captions like, "I'm the best mom ever- my kids are so spoiled!!!" I don't even have Facebook but everyone I know will screen shot it and text it to me like WTH?! 
  • I hate the constant lovey dovey posts. I have an ex coworker who is divorced, CONSTANTLY posting things about whoever her current new boyfriend, and then mysteriously one day posting things about being single and deletes any trace of him from her social media, even though he was all over it for months. 

    This happens over and over. And she has two elementary aged girls which makes me feel bad for them too because they're always on "outings" together so she clearly exposes them to every new guy...
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  • cssme13 said:
    I agree with the Facebook posts. I have a very close friend who is always posting the extravagant gifts that her and her husband buy each other but they are currently struggling to make ends meet and have had her parents and his parents paying their bills for a few months now. I love her and her kids are like my niece and nephew but goodness it's common sense, quit buying expensive crap to post on Facebook and pay your mortgage!
    I know too many people like this. 
  • @LoveLee85 Same, DD will be about 21 months and I know I need a jogging stroller but I hate to spend so much money!  Stalking Craigslist and Facebook over the next few months and hopefully something turns up.

    @ESG7417 Geez!  Sorry you had a rough day!
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  • I hate that stuff on Facebook too. I don't mind the occassional "I appreciate my SO for this" post, or the anniversary posts. But the "we've been dating two weeks and he's the love of my life" posts? No, he isn't, and neither were the 10 OTHER GUYS you posted the same damn thing about in the last year. Get over yourself, give it some time, and stop thinking you're in love in two seconds!! You're just setting yourself up to get your heart broken, and I'm sick of it. I'm not friends with so many people, especially from high school, because every time I talk to them, it's some new guy that they are "perfect" with. And then I have to listen to the break up and then it starts all over again. 
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  • This thread is inspiring me to make my triumphant return to Facebook by posting a picture of the Costco Take and Bake pizza that we are planning to have for our super romantical Valentine's Day dinner. 
    Ummm.. brag much?  LOL jk.  I should have thought of that!  I don't even know what we're having for dinner honestly.   :s

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  • @maybeitsmadeline Iv prepared a fancy dinner but that's more for myself than anyone else if you know what I mean ;) 

    @dcwtada so funny lol!
    We can all see you really needed to make the MBF thread ;) 

    @kerils I get particularly annoyed when my close friends do this. One minute your bawling to me about the guy next minute your in love with him or someone else. Then your back to bawling. So draining. 
  • @BusyZee Bahaha! Yes. I really needed the MBF this week. It has saved me lol! 
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