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Very important for ladies with IF and those who want to support us! Please read!


Re: Very important for ladies with IF and those who want to support us! Please read!

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    The funny thing is that in response to many of the good questions you ladies have about the potential problems (Like if you have an ectopic, would removing the fetus be murder?) with such wording and legislation, many of the politicians would say "Of COURSE not!"  But if these examples are NOT what would happen... then they don't REALLY believe embryos are equal to that of adults/babies.  If you throw a baby in a dumpster and it dies obviously that is murder... so why would disposing of extra unwanted embryos after IVF (because you better believe I would never in a million years transfer 18 embryos) not be murder - if you TRULY believe that an embryo is a baby?  

    The answer is that of course they know the two are not the same.  Which makes pushing this legislation all the more infuriating.

    Sorry to probably get more controversial than intended... but let's real.

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