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floatingelephy's Labour/Birth Thread!

My lovely labour buddy, @floatingelephy went into labour yesterday while I was finishing up giving birth. I will let her update you with the details, but she had her baby boy this morning and they are both doing well! ❤


Re: floatingelephy's Labour/Birth Thread!

  • He's so cute! Congrats
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  • Ohhhhh so handsome! Congratulations 
  • Wow! He's a big boy! Yay for a quick labor! Congrats!!
  • What a tank <3 
  • He is so handsome! Congrats!
  • What a cutie, congrats!! 
  • Congratulations!! He's so cute!! Sounds like you had a quick labor! Glad you two are doing well. 
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  • Congratulations!
  • Congrats! Sounds like it went so smoothly :)
  • How handsome!! Congrats!

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