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Stupid Questions February

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  • Question about naps - how long are they usually?  Do you usually put your LO in their crib/bassinet where they sleep at night or do you let them sleep elsewhere?  Our LO has been napping in his swing, and will sleep for 3-4 hour stretches in the swing.  Often I end up shutting the swing off after 3-4 hours to wake him up because he's been sleeping so long.  At night he sleeps in the bassinet and about 50% of the time it's a struggle to get him down and get him to stay down.  But the swing - if he's tired he falls right asleep and doesn't wake up.  Wondering if letting him sleep in the swing during the day is contributing to him not easily getting to sleep/staying asleep at night.  But if I put him in the bassinet during the day (or even the Rock N Play) he doesn't sleep for nearly as long, and I'm not sure if it's better for him to get the long naps (does he need long naps?) or to get used to sleeping elsewhere...
  • I don't have a set naptime or nap spot for LO. He usually ends up falling aleep on me or propped on the boppy next to me and I sometimes transfer him to his rock n play. He usually naps for short periods here and there with a nice long one midday. He hates all the infant soothing gear like his swing. 

    At night we have a routine that he seems to recognize as bedtime. I change him then give him a bottle in my bed with the lights off but the tv on. I then put him in his swaddle sack and tell him a little story. He gets a kiss goodnight and his binky then  in the bassinet he goes wide awake. He talks to himself for a while then falls asleep. He sleep 5-7 hours before he starts fussing to eat.

    Do you put your LO in any sort of swaddle sack etc at night? I've tried my guy with just a regular sleep sack and he startles himself awake way more often. The wings holding his arms in on the swaddle sack definately help him sleep longer. I do have anxiety for when I have to move him out of the swaddle sack though. We will see what March brings, that's when we will be transitioning him out of the swaddle sack and into his crib in his room.
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  • @LandJ13 - we need to start a bedtime routine for sure.  Our evenings are so chaotic that we haven't really done that yet but we should.  Our baby has never gone to sleep without being rocked or in a swing (or he'll put himself to sleep while breastfeeding).  But if he is just lying awake in his bassinet or crib he'll eventually cry, not sleep.  We haven't had much success swaddling his arms in.  He seems to like them out.  We do swaddle his lower body with a muslin swaddle.  
  • I try to make sure LO naps in a variety of places during the day so that if we go somewhere or things change, he will adjust easily. Yesterday he got all fussy and I couldn't get him to nap in his swing. I finally took him upstairs to his bassinet - he passed out right away and napped for about an hour. 
    The nightime routine is pretty predictable and I can tell it helps him sleep well. Change, play, eat, swaddle, and hold him until he falls asleep, then I set him in the bassinet. He usually sleeps for. 5-7 hour stretch at first, then a 3-4 hour stretch. 

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  • Those of you struggling at night, have you tried swaddling in a blanket? We have some that are large enough to swaddle L in, and it makes it very difficult for either kid to break out of.

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  • kaitmb88 said:
    Can I duct tape the pacifier to my babys face? 
     :D  lol, I can't tell you how many times my DH and I have joked about that. 

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  • @Kate08Young that does make a huge difference. My baby wakes up when he starts breaking free of the swaddle. The better the swaddle, the longer he sleeps. I just ordered 2 more SwaddleMe wraps on Amazon for $13! Great price. 

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  • kaitmb88 said:
    Can I duct tape the pacifier to my babys face? 
     :D  lol, I can't tell you how many times my DH and I have joked about that. 
    This is a running joke in our house as well!! Lol
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