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  • So i called the clinic again today after calling all week to make sure the optometrist would see me for my appointment even though i'm pregnant. i live on an air force base a civilians have very low priority and i've been waiting a month for this appt. turns out they will see me no problem except they cancelled my appointment and no one bothered to call me! The girl on the phone was very nice and understanding and they are going to squeeze me in sometime in the next two weeks even though they have no appointments available. DH is off tomorrow though bc i had this and my NST and now i'm going to have to find a sitter for DS for whenever they can see me. I just really want some new damn contacts in my head before this baby comes! So annoying!!!
    Are you sure about your prescription? 1800 contacts is really easy. 
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  • My son is taking his nap at 9:30am. I'm in for a hellish afternoon unless I can coax a second nap. (maybe in the car?)
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  • @longliveregina it's been ridiculously long since i've been to the eye doc so even if i knew the rx i don't have an active one  :/
  • @Gators&;BoSox that's ridiculous. On-base clinics can be the worst when they're busy :/ 
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  • @serenity13 you certainly aren't being a b. I was having similar thoughts because my dad and his fiancé did buy stuff off the registry but didn't actually have the store scan the receipt so I had to go through and take it all off manually and then got mad because I wouldn't get the rewards. I figured I was probably being a little b for that too. Im grateful for them getting stuff but would like to reap the benefits too. Sorry you have to go around and return a bunch of stuff :( 
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  • RunBooRun said:
     I even got made fun of for some of the things I registered for! Apparently it is not appropriate to register for anything tangentially related to my boobs like lanisoh or breast pump accessories. 
    Ugh. If you registered for bottles, I'm sure no one would blink an eye at that. You need those things to feed your baby, what's the difference?
    Funny thing: I did not register for bottles because I figured I didn't know what brand my little one would like. I got tons of Agent bottles, like over 20.

    My son never took any bottle nipples but playtex ones. 
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  • @serenity13 same here, had my shower over the weekend and am currently making a return pile hoping i can take most of it to the same store without recipts. Ugh! 
  • Oh and no one bought me diaper cream. I find that odd. And I registered for almost every brand.
  • @disneybaby84 my mom and I did this last week and we had good luck with taking most everything back...the only time we ran into problems is when we didn't know where something came from...we'd take it to a store and they'd scan it and not find it in their system.  I still need to make a couple more runs to return things so hopefully DH and I can do that this week.
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  • Thanks ladies! Yes we definitely got a ton of "boy" toys, things with no purpose other than looking cute that we don't have space for, and so.many.clothessss! Like an insane amount. We already had way more than enough clothes up through size 18 month because I went a little crazy on Carters website on Black Friday & we also had a TON of hand-me-downs from friends who have boys, so I didn't register for any clothes & made it known a while back that we were well stocked up already in that department. I guess people just enjoy buying baby clothes too much to care haha
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  • @mecoats exactly! Dang, sorry you're in the same boat. I'd just like to know how they can walk by or be around these things every single day and not think a single thing of it!! Do they not feel the responsibility to keep a clean house? What is it that it doesn't even cross their mind?!
  • @mecoats haha. Maybe I'll ask my DH tonight and see what he says! That's funny. I don't understand them either..but then again they definitely don't understand us! Haha
  • @Goodmorning12 That's weird about Carter's being exchange only. The one here let me get a store credit for something that my mom ordered online and like an idiot I lost the packaging slip. Of course they couldn't give me money back for it but they were happy to put it on a gift card. Is the one near you a Carter's/Oshkosh or just Carter's?

  • Two more brands: boppy (clothing not nursing), Little me. Anyone know the store for those?
  • No shower with this baby but MIL gave DH a bunch of clothes for baby and the vast majority are pale pepto bismol pink  :s I am personally not a pink person and definitely not a fan of baby pink. Also, a lot of the clothes are used which in general is fine, DS lived in hand me downs, but these are uuuuuuused... and her house smells so I had to rewash all of the clothes that she will probably never ever wear except to send a pic. Plus she gave him a bunch of little stuffed animals and other useless crap that is going to clutter up my house right before we move. Ugh.. it's just like .. thanks but no thanks!
  • Little me is sold everywhere except Walmart or Target.  Nordstoms to BRU to TJX - I'd look the design up online and try BRU or Nordstrom's.

    Just a Carters and actually at two different locations they would not give me store credit!  If I never saw another piece of Carters clothing I would be A OK.  Hate that policy.  As well as Kohls $0 value deal - Target flies through clothes as well but let's you use a nearly identical item to value it for store credit.
  • @Goodmorning12 Gotcha. The Carter's store near me is a Carter's/Oshkosh, so they must have a different policy. That's still weird though, you would think they would all have the same policy.

  • I don't even think anyone bought one thing off my registry with my first pregnancy. Registries where I am aren't a big thing for some strange reason.. likely because there's not one store that does baby registries and I could only do one online for stores that are out of town.. the joys of small city living. I guess I'm glad this time around not to be having a baby shower since it's baby #2, no worries on getting stuff I don't need. 

    My bitch this week is that I was totally excited to have finally purchased baby bedding... Came in today and I'm not thrilled on the quality. It's a Pam Grace 6pc set and cost me about 180$ (still not too bad I guess it could be worst) the material is pretty thin and not soft at all. For my DD I got a set from Walmart for less than 100$ that is much much better quality than this... The US price would have made me feel better about the quality but the exchange for Canadian price I am just not happy with. Anyone have experience with Pam Grace crib bedding? I got the Honeydew Kangaroo set which was hard to find anywhere. I like it because it's different and loved how neutral it was. Maybe once I wash it the set may grow on me... I can't see it holding up very long though, not between many washes. 
  • Lurking from April. My shower was on Saturday and I think only 5 people got things off my registries. I think most people procrastinate and end up getting what ever. We did end up getting gift cards from Target which will definitely use. We got hand made quilts and blankets which were all gorgeous.

    some odd presents: a Stuffed animal that prays(most of our family knows we are not religious). So many 0-3 month onesies, we are team green so I think it could have been worse with the clothes. A Disney store gift card. 

    Overall we are thankful to friends and family but I will need to return a few things.

  • The Carter's by us told us to take the two items we had (with carter's store specific hangers and upcs, I checked) and try Target (which doesn't even sell their main brand). They do not do returns or exchanges without a receipt according to the lady at the register. 
  • @aerie_star thanks for the warning, guess I'll be bringing a lot to Target. 
  • I feel really lucky the people that came to our sprinkle bought off our registry. There might have been one or two items that weren't, but they were Aveeno bath items so they'll work great. Even the two single guys that came bought off the registry! Hoping you all can get gift cards to where you need to. That's frustrating.
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  • Same boat here with no one buying registry items! I actually kind of wished we had not told everyone we were having a girl because EVERYONE bought frilly little girl clothes! I honestly think that I didn't open a single gift that didn't have at least one outfit in it. I bought all the items that we really needed/wanted off the registry afterwards and spent nearly $1,000 even with the completion discounts! 

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  • I would spend the kind of money some you girls spent to get what got missed on my registry, but I just don't have the miney. Wish people would just follow the registry.
  • kiyamurph said:
    @Goodmorning12 That's weird about Carter's being exchange only. The one here let me get a store credit for something that my mom ordered online and like an idiot I lost the packaging slip. Of course they couldn't give me money back for it but they were happy to put it on a gift card. Is the one near you a Carter's/Oshkosh or just Carter's?

    Me too. I returned some stuff for store credit but COULD have actually gotten cash money's because the person had paid with PayPal or a bank card. 
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