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Anyone thinking names yet?

I know it's still super early, but since there's not a whole lot going on right now I thought some of us might like to chat about name ideas. :) 

Anyone already have names picked out? Do you have any names in mind? Have you even started thinking about them? 
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Re: Anyone thinking names yet?

  • @HollyGolightly09 If we use the name Margot, her MN will likely be Felicity! Also, I kinda like Navy. Have you though about using it as a MN? It would be a unique twist with a lot of names.
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  • @HollyGolightly09 I really like Elliott, but no "a" in it :) It's fun to look at names!  I bought a baby name book and really only found a handful of names with Ella in it.  Maxwell was another, but while we like it, we don't love it for our boy (if LO is a boy!)
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  • @daniellelynette I love all of those!  

    Names are hard!  We hadn't 100% decided on Ella Lynne (both are family names) but when I had to deliver so early we had to decide ASAP.  I am in love with her name and it just was perfect for her.  Now though I feel all of this pressure to give this LO a name *in case* something happens.  Total PGAL brain thing.
    Married to David 3/22/14
    <3 o:) Mommy to my angel Ella Lynne born into heaven 8/24/15 o:) <3
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  • @amandarene112  I plan to use Mara, Marisa, Amara... something with Mar as the MN to honor my grandmother Martha. 
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  • @HollyGolightly09 I love that! 

    @kelseyrayay Aw, we might have two little Williams! (Although we plan to call ours Will.) :heart:
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  • If we have a boy there is a 99% chance his name will be Rhett Xander. 

    We we also like Cash and Mark

    girls I like : 

  • For a girl we've decided on Felicity Rowena. I'm surprised to hear others are thinking about Felicity too because I didn't think it was a very common name. Rowena is my grandmother's name, who passed away when my mom was only 17. 
    For a boy, it would be Vincent Carl. Vincent is my dad's MN, and Carl is DH's dad's MN.
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  • @sableeg I love laurel!
    @HollyGolightly09 I think navy is different but I like different! My DS is named Maverick David and some people love it and some hate it. Oh well! 
    @amandarene112 Ramona is sweet! And my DH has always loved William! 

    For it a girl last time we had Baylor McKenna picked out but now we aren't 100% on it. For a boy I've been thinking about Asher James but I don't know if DH will go for it 
  • @lap018  DH is all for "who cares if other people like it?" I'm trying to decide if I care or not... it isn't that I care what people think, I just hate to name my child something other people perceive as "awful". A girl from my high school recently named her daughter Kreek... I just hope Navy isn't THAT bad, lol. 
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  • Thank you, @lap018! I really like Maverick and Asher together, they're both happy sounding names. 
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  • DH and I have talked about Adeline for a girl and Thomas for a boy. Also liking Josie though!
  • We have our girl name picked out- Dani Claire

    Our leading boy name has been around since our first pregnancy (we've had girls)- Zechariah Ellis. But Benedict has become my husband's recent favorite and he's been pushing hard for it. We shall see. 

    Our two girls have Hebrew names, and I would like to keep with the trend. 
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    @kaylaakosua What a really lovely tradition! I like that part of the name is almost left to the universe, in that way. Also, Freya is such a gorgeous, underused name. 

    @juliebeannn They all really do have such great nicknames! There's a lot to be said for thinking through the natural shortened versions of a name. My entire life, I've cringed when people shortened my name to "Mare."  :D

    @HollyGolightly09 I've never heard Navy as a first name, but I love it! I can absolutely see an adorable little girl named Navy. So cute! 
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    Girl: Sofia Cala
    Sofia means wisdom and has meaning to us in several ways, the 'f' spelling is a hat-tip to the country we currently live. I like it better than the 'ph' spelling.
    Cala is an Arabic name which has meaning to our extended family. It's from a country we used to live in and would like to give a hat-tip to those years

    Boy: Matthew (nn Mats) Jared
    Matthew - strong Biblical name with a nickname I think is so cute and a nod to the country where we currently live
    Jared has family meaning.

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  • For a girl, I like Athena, Lillian Joy, and Zaphira. I prefer the older names that aren't used very much anymore. 

    For a boy DH likes Nickolas and Maximian. I really haven't thought alot about boy names much. They just seem so much harder than girl names to pick.
  • Names are super hard. DS is Owen Jonathan (DH first name is Jonathan but we call him by his second mn). 

    @HollyGolightly09 I LOVE Navy! What a great idea. 

    We've both settled on two names. 

    If this babe babe is a boy, his name will be Quinn. 

    if this babe is a girl, her name will be Hunter. 

    We're still working on middle names. And a lot can change between now and September. Owen's name was originally Oliver but paired with Jonathan and out last name which is also three syllables, we felt like we were setting him up for failure. 
  • So funny this board came up we were just laying in bed discussing this.... our DS name is Lennon Mitchell. Which we instantly fell in love with and would have used Lennon for a boy or girl.  Now we are on the fence with a few... Current front runners:
    Veda Rain
    Lydia (mn unknown)
    Dhani Lane

    Zane Reed
    These are definitely preliminary and may all be scrapped bc I'm not in LOVE with any of them.

    Also whoever said Navy - I LOVE that and I hope you pick it!   You made the baby, carried the baby and will deliver the baby you can name him/her anything you want! 

  • I love all these names!!! We've had ours picked out for a while. If we have a boy, River Keith. If we have a girl, Skylar Faith or Skylar Rain. We were set on Faith, but I had a dream that we named her Skylar Rain. After all, she will be our Rainbow Baby. :) We're both very southern so River or Skylar would be perfect for us!
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  • Good call on a names thread. Clearly a lot of us are thinking about it!

    We've had a few names picked since our first, so most have carried over. I thought we were set on a boy name, but DH reintroduced a favorite, so it's back on the table. All middle names are important family names. DS's name is Samuel Alan, since sometimes sibling names matter:

    Maxwell Edwin/James
    Isaac James/Michael
    Sofia Kathleen 
    Claire Kathleen 

  • We surprisingly have a name picked out for both genders. The middle names aren't set in stone yet. 
    Girl name: Aliza Faith 
    Boy name: Judah Benjamin 

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  • @HollyGolightly09 I think Navy is beautiful. Simple, everyone can pronounce it, and unique (but too youneeq)!

  • We haven't talked much about names yet, my H always says let's wait until we find out the boring! Anyway I've thought of some names by myself, but not too much. The middle name will be after someone on my side of the family since our DD's middle name is after his grandmother. And yes I like the popular names, DD name has been in the top 10 for a while.

    Girls: (MN will most likely be Catherine after my grandmother)
    Eloise (Ellie) 

    Boys: (MN will most likely be Michael after my dad)
    Andrew (H always liked this name)

  • We think we have names picked out but who knows, they might change! 

    Girl: Eleanor Jane (we will call her Ellie)
    Boy: Riley James or Riley Lachlan 

    Other names I really love: Declan, Lachlan (as a first name), Thomas, Olivia, Maeve, Evelyn. I know there are more but that's off the top of my head.
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  • We have our girl name picked out, but no boy name. Boy names are hard!! My DH and I can't agree on boy names that we like. We have a MN picked out for a boy. I'm not a fan, but it's a family name so im just going with it. 
    Our DS is Finn Owen (family name) 

    boy contenders 
    henry (call him hank)

    i love max but it was vetoed. 
  • You all have such great taste in names!
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  • My son's name is Alexander William... if this one is a girl, she will definitely be Ana Rebecca, after my grandmother and me, but if this one is a boy, we can't think of any names!! We've been talking about it for awhile, but we just can't agree on anything. Obviously we have plenty of time.. but I think it's weird that we can't agree on one!
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  • @jillibean0871  I love Veda! I couldn't get DH on board with that one. 
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